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    Default Oh the leather in Gendarme!

    Well, suddenly, it was just there. I've smelled the accord before, but never ever connected it with leather. But today, about an hour ago, when I sprayed my wrists it appeared. I just did the association without thinking about it. I've always seen it listed as a "note", but like many others, I have never ever been able to distinguish it.

    Gendarme is kind of funny. It is supposed to smell so clean, or at least that is how we talk about it. But to me there are at least two parts of this one. One is the clean cotton fresh laundry smell, but there is also something gritty and dirty going on. Something smelling like dusty rocks, and it was from that part the leather suddenly appeared.

    Edit: I find it a bit funny that the leather works as a top- to middlenote here, and not as a basenote as I've always thought.
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    Default Re: Oh the leather in Gendarme!

    Damn Shifts, you make this one seem pretty intersting. I have never had much intent to try it, but I'm changing my mind a little more everyday.

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    Default Re: Oh the leather in Gendarme!

    The same way I felt about this one before. Nice enough, but not that compelling. I'm also getting more and more into it now. But when I finish this bottle, I'll get Carrierre instead.

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    Default Re: Oh the leather in Gendarme!

    I have noticed the leather in it since I first wore it some 18 years ago. On me, it comes in late middle into finish. And a very clean, natural leather....almost like a 'natural' musk type of accord. It acts like it's supposed to be there. That is to say, the top-middle freshness of the citrus/verbena mix never really goes away. Though it does seem to step aside to make room for the leather once the scent progresses. Still a big fave of mine, but I would really rather wear it when the weather is warm.

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