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    Default Found an OLD sample of Egoiste Concentree

    Today I was looking though a box of old knick-knacks and came upon a 17-year old Chanel Egoiste Concentree sample that I had picked up on a shopping trip with my neighbor friend and his sister and mom.

    When I got into fragrances a couple years ago, I had set out to figure out what that sample was, thinking I had lost it and only remembering that it was from Chanel. In these days of collecting and hobbyism, I haven't had the opportunity to smell Chanel Egoiste, only Platinum. Had I had the chance, I would have probably realized that it was the fragrance that I had gotten the sample of 15 years earlier.

    So this is pretty cool. But I have a question...
    Is this "concentree" sample I have, something different than "normal" Chanel Egoiste (a more concentrated version) or are they the same? The only one listed on Basenotes doesn't mention "concentree", so I'm thinking that this concentrated version isn't listed.

    btw, I also found the 25-year old mini-bottle of Trophee Lancome that was the first cologne I ever smelled. Still smells fine! Tell that to that woman at Sephora that claims fragrances last 6 months to a year!
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    Default Re: Found an OLD sample of Egoiste Concentree

    Egoiste Concentree has less of those medicinal top notes that are there in 'Egoiste'.
    I have both the concentree and the normal egoiste and i can vouch that the concentree lasts longer. I find it has more pronounced rose in it than the normal Egoiste.

    I usually prefer Concentree to the normal egoiste.
    Concentree is not so easily available, so you have indeed hit a treasure. So what if its a sample....


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