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    Any idea where to buy this in Canada?
    Much appreciated!

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    Holt Renfrew
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Quote Originally Posted by francois View Post
    Holt Renfrew
    Thank-you kind sir!

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    Or you can buy it cheaper off my sell list....
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    As of this week, also available at La Baie (and exclusive to it for a year). Cannot be sold anywhere else (Sears, Jean Coutu, etc.).

    This one reeks of sweet vanilla and strident gaiac wood on the drydown as well as other spices/flowers that might have needed more tempering. Personally, I can't wear it and enjoy it any more. To my nose, it's a variant of Le Mâle, not so much in smell as in impression.

    Also, I noticed that the bottle had changed now that it's available at La Baie; no more black waxy (plastic) dripping around the cap. Just the apothecary style bottle with the engraved metal label in the middle. Classy. Different. A bit stark.

    Please give it a try but have a sink and plenty of running water handy (just in case).

    I no longer reach for this one, that's for sure.

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