Just joined the basenotes community and I need help! My perfume obsession started last year with a small bottle of Narcisse Noir EDT. Since then I've been devouring every piece of literature I could find on the subject and decided that Coty Chypre sounded fascinating. I managed to find a very small vintage bottle of it on Ebay and decided to go for it, knowing full well I was taking a risk. It arrived in the post...eventually. (If you're in the UK, you'll know what I mean) On opening it I discovered the top was sealed with a small blob of black, tar like substance. I cleaned it off with cotton buds and water.

I then smelt it. I have no idea how it's meant to smell, although I know it was the forerunner to classic chypres like Mitsouko. I decided the only way to get a true impression was to put it on my skin. Well! It was certainly powerful, and very peculiar. I'd also heard that there was nothing tame or boring about this perfume, but it wasn't exactly pleasant. I thought I'd let it settle down, which it did, very quickly, and then disappeared completely. It didn't seem to have the bottom notes, which was peculiar, as I've heard the bottom notes are usually the ones to go last. It also had a slightly greenish hue, so I suppose it must be off. Way off ! However, if you could give me some info about this perfume, or if you'd just like the bottle as a collectors item, I'd be happy to hear from you.