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    Default Re: Tam Dao = clean and polished sandalwood

    Quote Originally Posted by jenson View Post
    im not sure how many have actually sniffed in, the wood in itself. Tam dao is a clear representaion of how the wood smells when pressed against/brought close to nose. scents like Santalum represent sandalwood oil and not the smell of the wood per se. all this based on the block of sandal-wood i have in my hand now Tam-dao is as good as it gets when it comes to sandalwood.

    Villoresi Sandalo is another scent which interprets the smell of sandalwood pretty well.
    What you are saying is true..but its the sandalwood oils which are held in higher regard (atleast by the perfume world) although the sandalwood wood-based products certainly have their own distinct aroma profile. I had many such sandalwood handicrafts in my house from south asia and the middle east...theres a distinct aromatic cedar-wood like aroma to them...a bit resinous as well. Quite different than the slightly animalic, sweet and resinous mysore oil. Tam Dao tries to replicate the aroma of the wood but its cedar note is not the best around, but bless its heart notes (pun intended) it tries to put a good show by conjoining cypress and other wood notes. To me, MPGs Santal Noble comes closest to that sandalwood handicraft smell although the new formulations smell more like standard cedar chests.

    Regarding sandalwood oil, steam distillation of the mysore wood results in a sweeter oil. The newer CO2 extraction method results in a more resinous oil, closer to the character of the wood yet still containing that distinct animalic tone of the oil. However there are so many parameters of control for the oil (age, environment, inherent adulterants, etc) that it can be maddening to keep up with what is what ..
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    Default Re: Tam Dao = clean and polished sandalwood

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post

    It's just called Colonia Sandalo by Legitima brand (?). I'll post a picture of it when I get home. Nothing special, the bottle (with a screw off top) is plastic.
    Here's a picture of the bottle. Surprisingly tenacious for a fragrance that costs less than $5 and comes in a 476 ml bottle.

    I owe Marlen (who used to be a vital member of Basenotes many years ago) for tipping me off to this.
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    Default Re: Tam Dao = clean and polished sandalwood

    I find the accords Tam Dao projects to be very natural.

    Dad is an old-style cabinet maker, the kind that can create a queen Anne chair by hand. I spent many childhood summers helping him out in his workshop, working with the fine timbers he utilised.

    The only fragrance that comes close to replicating the smell of these fine woods is Tam Dao, so I'm baffled that posters have remarked on it smelling synthetic. If you've ever smelled rosewood or cedar while working on it I'm sure you'd know...

    I'm not an expert on Sandalwood oil so I can't comment on how well Tam Dao implements that aspect and posters above have mentioned that better fragrances exist (in their opinion).

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    Default Re: Tam Dao = clean and polished sandalwood

    I am fan of this fragrance. Something you may not have tried is the combination with another Diptyque masterpiece, Philosykos. Although the simplicity and frugality of Tam Dao there isn't a downside for me, the above combination makes it more complicated

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