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    Default Tom Ford Black Orchid

    I was at Nordstrom one night and decided I would take a risk and do one spritz of the original Black Orchid. The sales rep whom I am friends with told me that it is rare for someone to actually pull this off because it turns out to be sweet.

    Boy was she wrong. Not only did I get excellent sillage and longevity, the "truffle" was prominent in a smoky, dirty rive gauche kind of way. Heck even the sales lady was surprised and told me it smells nothing like a women's scent because on my skin it was smoky not sweet.

    She decided to make me two samples of Black Orchid. I want this for Christmas.

    The light version is nice, but I don't want to smell like a flower.

    Has anybody tried this on their skin?
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Quote Originally Posted by saam16 View Post
    Has anybody tried this on their skin?

    Saam16 - glad to see you're enjoying Black Orchid, a favorite for a few here on BN. My boyfriend sprayed some this morning (while I was still asleep) and the sillage actually woke me up. Its got quite a complex and tenacious aura about it.

    You might want to use the SEARCH function to search for old threads. I did and I found these on the mens board:

    And these on the womens:
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    I just tried on the edp version and the first 20 minutes are a bit heady but it's been 2 hours and the drydown is very nice..I find there's a sort of cocoa note but I forgot to check out the pyramid!

    Again, I tried the edt Tom Ford Man and I thought I 'Oh, this isn't so bad'. Bu then it fades all too quickly. I will try the EXtreme version and hope it's what I wanted from the edt.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    When I smelled Black Orchid the first time I put the cap on and made the squish face. Now I can't stop thinking about it. It is the epitome of the word inoxicating. Several family members know it's on my Christmas list hahaha. On me this smells much more rooty and earthy than it does on anyone else I know. I wish the dirt stayed until the last moments, when I get a sharp vanillic gourmand. NOTE TO PUBLIC: At my local Nordstroms they had the hair perfume version of this on display. I'd hate to imagine an SA not knowing any better giving people hair perfume samples. I didn't try it but I'd be curious if it's that much different. I can't remember but I don't think it was that much cheaper.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Tom Ford's Block is VERY DEPENDENT on your skin chemistry which is why this should not be a blind buy. Some argue it is too sweet while others contradict that saying; they say it has an earthy smell to it and devoid of anything sweet.

    Regardless of this facet, Black Orchid is one of those things to be admired because it does not dwell on a ubiquitous formula seen in both male and female fragrances.

    Like I said, on my chemistry it is all about the truffle and it having a rive gauche feel to it thorough the day. Also, you have to admit that is one appealing bottle; which is why you should buy the big size!

    If anything, the floral version is much more feminine and definitely not masculine. Although it is nice, but I want to smell like a sexy and dirty. Rawr!

    One more thing with Tom Ford. The reason this is love or hate is because anything he does is unusual whether you love it or hate it and I respect him for that.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    I'm going to have to give this one another go. The prospect of something earthy and a bit dirty is appealing, but I don't recall getting that the one time I had a small spritz on the back of my hand.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Chemistry is definitely king when it comes to this scent.

    Usually scents tend to get slightly sweet on my skin and I fully expected the same to happen with this blend since it smells so courgette + vanilla gourmand (zucchini cake) on the card.

    But on me the truffle dominates and becomes very vegetal / green! It remains weirdly earthy and almost chypre like (earthy, mossy) until the deep, deep drydown when the vanilla reasserts itself for a little just before the final curtain.

    I don't even think it smells sexy. I can see myself wearing this to work in an avante garde creative (marketing, fashion design, art) environment as a 'success scent' at a meeting. It would smell professional, powerful and unique in a way that totally routes the opposition!!

    I like my scents to have a bit of sexy to them (even for work) so I am unsure whether I should get a full bottle of this. But is is complex and sensual enough to be truly compelling - drawing me back for more again and again.
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