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    Smile Montreal anyone?

    Normally, I'd post this in the City guides section but it seems there's not much attention paid to that thread so I'm posting here. OK, so I'm going on vacation next week to Montreal and need suggestions as to where to go for frag shopping. I'll take strip club (women) suggestions too!
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    PM François -- I'm pretty sure that that's his bailiwick.
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    I'm from Quebec City, not Montreal.
    There are several members from Montreal here, so I'm sure some will jump in with better answers than mine!
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    pm sent

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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    Holt Renfrew (DSquared, Tom Ford, Narciso, Absolumment, etc.) and Ogilvy's (Artisan, Lutens, etc.) would be a great start, they have nice exclusive lines. The Bay is well stocked, but like Macy's, etc.

    Then there's Lancia where the prices are triple what they are anywhere else, but they have older, harder to find stuff.

    As for the (women's) strip clubs you mention, you're on your own!

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    Exclamation Re: Montreal anyone?


    You mean I don't have to head to Toronto or Vancouver to buy Serge Lutens in Canada!
    Thanks Mario!

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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    Yeah, Ogivy's is where you'll find Lutens, Creed, Hermes and L'Artisan, but of course it's all regular price. There's a Hermes Boutique and Holt Renfrew has Aqua di Parma and Jo Malone - all these places are very close to eachother.

    Not a giant fan of strip clubs, but Wanda's is the classiest one- and one of the few places left where full contact is not allowed! It's also close to all the aboe fragrance shops

    And by the way Montreal is like a Mecca of strip clubs for some reason. There must be a dozen of them downtown. If you go out of the way there's Amazones strip club/24 buffet!
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    L'Institut Guerlain on Greene Avenue carries the regular line and their high end fragrances.

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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    Club Super Sex!!!
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattybumpkin View Post
    Club Super Sex!!!
    Yeah, I think they carry some hot exclusives there, like "Vulve Pour Homme" and "Tétons Gonflées Extreme"
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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    Club Taboo :P

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    Default Re: Montreal anyone?

    We're known for our lapdances. 10$ for about half a song, around. Try Club Downtown, forgot which cross street. Should be going East from Ogilvy's, down Ste Catherine's.

    Also, if you wanna try a cheap place and if you're going between Thursday and Sunday, AND you have lots of free time, go to... I think the corner of Cremazie and Saint Laurent, North past Highway 40. There's a downtown warehouse type place in a strip mall on the west side of Saint Laurent. It's a basement type thing, going down some stairs. They got good deals on fragrences and a weekly sale on certain stuff. It's got mostly mainstream frags, but good prices.

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