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    Question Orange Spice / Noir Epices comparison

    It seems like nobody has compared these two fragrances before which is quite stunning considering they share similitiar characteristics in my opinion. They both have that candied orange note and have notes of cloves, which is more prominent in Orange Spice. They are both very good fragrances, and I'm not really sure which I like more. Right now I am leaning towards Noir Epices. It is a bit more formal and conservative while the Creed is more outgoing. While Noir Epices has great lasting power, Orange Spice's lasting power is insane, probably like it's twin Kouros. I have to do some more side by side testings, right now I'm leaning towards Noir Epices but that could easily change.
    I know one thing for sure, I surely don't need bottles of of both.
    What's your take on these two?
    For swap:
    1. 90-95% full 2.5 oz bottle of Creed Orange Spice
    2. 99% full 1.6 oz bottle of Kenzo pour Homme
    3. 90% full 4 oz bottle of Creed Millesime Imperial

    Looking for: GIT, Baie de Genièvre, Idole de Lubin, Chergui, decant of FM Carnal Flower, decant of vintage Tabarome

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    Default Re: Orange Spice / Noir Epices comparison

    Orange Spice: (citrus spicy) Soft Oriental
    Noir Epices: Woody Oriental

    The orange and clove notes are the bridge between the two (the potpourri smell?) - I do see similarities between them, with Noir Epices having a warmer base of sandalwood and patchouli (which give it its "darkness"). I am out of my sample of Noir Epices to make updated comparisons at this point in time.

    Orange Spice's influence can be seen in Kouros, MPG Secret Melange, Noir Epices, and urinal cakes around the world.....
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    Default Re: Orange Spice / Noir Epices comparison

    I wore some Orange Spice for the first time a couple days ago at Neimans (I remember the_good_life giving it high marks). I was impressed - but not blown away. Perhaps it was nose fatigue, but I felt that the orange note was too boring. Also, it does last but it's not a very complex drydown IMO.

    Now, as for Noir Epices which I sampled numerous times (thanks to sloan_8013) this was just a much better orange note [yes candied for sure...and powdery in a good way], and the drydown is right there alongside a few classic mens scents as quite outstanding.

    A while ago, I myself posted a thread where I compared Secret Melange (MPG) to Noir Epices. I stand by my comparison - although even SM's drydown is nowhere are skillful and evocative as NP's.

    If you can afford the NP (the Creed is not that much more affordable) I'd say go for it.
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    Default Re: Orange Spice / Noir Epices comparison

    just trying my sample of Noir Epices... the tart spicy topnotes of orange or tangerine or whatever are delightful and I loved the spicy heart of this...after a good two hours, it feels exactly like I peeled open a glorious mandarin orange and spilled its juices on my arm and let it dry. very uplifting. this is a happy fragrance, and I was not expecting it because isn't the name "Black Spice" or some such thing? Not black to me at all.Well, okay, maybe there is a faint incense aura here, too, but mostly lots of sunshine and Vitamin D here. What a great smelling experience.
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    Default Re: Orange Spice / Noir Epices comparison

    On me, the sandalwood in Noir Epices is very pronounced, with the orange notes dying off after two or three hours. Getting a new bottle from NearFantastica soon -- me no can wait!

    Oddly enough, I get more compliments on Noir Epices from other gay men than anyone else. It's the damnedest thing -- this stuff is to gay men (on my skin) what Séxual pour Homme by Michel Germain is on my skin to women, and Kouros is on my skin to both genders.
    (I'm an incorrigible compliment whore -- what more can I say?)
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