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Thread: Trussardi Umo

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    Lightbulb Trussardi Umo


    I came across this fragrance on the online.

    I know it was released in 1983. What is this stuff like. I read the ratings on basenotes.

    Most people loved it. I know it's potent stuff. I need some smell info before I buy it.

    Thank You,


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    Default Re: Trussardi Umo

    Think opposite of the fruity, aquatic, light, bubblegummy bear, ho-hum, generic scents of today. That's Trussardi Umo. I love it.
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    Default Re: Trussardi Umo

    Spicy, smoky-powdery, not a hint of sweetness. Really, really rich and formal.

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    A beautiful scent very early 80's and I am glad it is still around.

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    It wasn't around then but Charlie Bronson would have worn it while takin care of business in Death Wish.
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    A 21st Century nose will have a little trouble with this. It is not a one whiff and that's it "love it or hate it" you have to go with this for a few days and let it seduce you. I can't imagine many men going for this today (that is men with no developed fragrance sensibility) unless it is explained to them. Like opera, like chess or fine wines, it takes time and effort. Maybe that makes it a lost cause.
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    A great 80`ies scent & can be had quite cheap here in the UK.
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    The bottle is cheezy though covered in in that tacky plastic to look like leather which it really doesn't the least look like.

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    Buy it Zerby ,, Its unique not sickly sweet and pleasing to both user and passer by ,, Up their with all the classics of the late 70's and early 80's !! ... I love it , never mind the plastic leather on the bottle ! after all why pay double for leather .
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    I thought I would love it (based on the notes and the reviews), but it has such a strong mossy-piney-character that I ended up disliking it. Now I have a nearly full 100ml's bottle on my swap list. My advice: Test first, don't buy blind!


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