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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Blind buy of Kiehls Musk

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Tea for 2 by L'artisan
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    been a while back... prob the dreamer or bvlgari black
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    Wink Re: Because of Basenotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolas V View Post
    What was the first fragrance you purchased because of Basenotes? Not necessarily a blind buy, but your first purchase that was inspired by conversations, reviews, or general popularity on Basenotes. Also, how did it pan out?

    My first purchase that was influenced by my readings/discussion on BN was Eau Sauvage. I had seen it a million times, but never really thought to test it out. (Not sure why.) After reading some really great reviews and seeing it pop up rather often in the forum, I thought I would give it a try; it sounded very much like the style of scents that I love. I am very happy that I did because it was exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it a few days later and it has been one of my favorites ever since.

    So, how about you?
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Terre D'Hermes after the 7th awards

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
    Because of Basenotes Ive attempted to source some well-loved scents that are spoken of here often... mainly to sniff or sample.

    But I'm yet to make a purchase based on a BN'ers reccommendation.
    Actually having just read MRHero's post above Id like to revise my previous post...
    I too hunted down TdH because of its reviews here, and that first sampling resulted in a purchase... I had quite forgotten.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Creed's Original Vetiver; blind buy and I was hooked!

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Terre d'Hermes. It has never left its chaise in my pantheon of scent.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Sorry to "copy" *ehem* but I was all set to give up on Terre d'Hermes as well and because of the reviews here I tried it again and was hooked. It's now one of my favorites of all time. Because of Basenotes, I'm a fragrance fanatic! Thank you Basenotes!
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Well, first of all, Basenotes inspired me to order a whole bunch of samples. That in turn has lead to the definite purchase - imminent if not yet actualized - of Knize Ten, which I've fallen in love with.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Either something from Malle or the CdG Avignon or Kyoto.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    I took the advice of my brother from another mother aka mikeperez and bought the Kelly Caleche.

    Thank you Mike
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Terre D'Hermes
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    I have basenotes to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of Geir and everything by L'artisan

    (my 2 "signature" scents are now Geir for warm weather and Tea for Two in cool weather)

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Think it must have been Musc Ravageur . . .

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Ah, my first Basenotes buys - four L'Artisan decants: L'Eau de L'Artisan, Mure et Musc, Ananas Fizz and the love-at-first-sniff Voleur de Roses.

    Thank you, guys and gals, for paving the way to my slippery slope

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Mugler Cologne ------- very very very green. l love it.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Terre D'Hermes.

    My addiction to fragrances is a recent thing. It all started when all I wanted to do was to look up what people 'thought' of a few fragrances I saw for sale on a flyer. Then it just snowballed and the next time I got to a store, I was checking out all the stuff people on here repeatedly mentionned or liked.

    Pretty much everything I have, I was influenced on buying because of basenotes.

    Damn you.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    I believe mine was Gucci Envy, my second bottle ever.

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    Smile Re: Because of Basenotes

    I am almost certain it was three scents. GIT, Himalaya and Vera wang for men. I had no Idea one could find these scents on the web so I drove about 130 miles round trip to a Neiman Marcus north of Detroit near the Palace at Aubern Hills Just for the Creeds. Saw the Vera Wang as an aside and thought. What the hay might as well get that too. The Git and Vera still thrill me. I have a come and go relationship with himalaya. I don' dislike it but sometimes its like eeeeeeh maybe I'll wear it maybe not.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme Issey Miyake

    Not my favorite but the first and the beginning of a world of wonderful fragrances..
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    I actually bought B*Men blind because I read on here that you can't go wrong with any of Mugler's scents. I'm now thinking of getting Mugler Cologne...

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    M7, Caron Third Man, and Chevignon.

    LOVE all three.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    I remember this one 'very' clearly...



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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Guerlain Vetiver, along with Creed's MI and Green Irish Tweed.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Because of Basenotes: I know refer to cologne as "Smell good" thanks to Tvlampboy... Thanks sir
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    Basenotes Plus
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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    1st: Piper Nigrum
    -didn't really like it, too spicy.

    2nd: Millesime Imperial
    -really liked it, but a bit pricey.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Dior Homme was the first scent I can really remember buying based on reviews and ravings of people here. I bought it blind, obviously, and it worked out in my favor. I got a scent that I will never be without again.

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    Default Re: Because of Basenotes

    Opium pour Homme by YSL, because its sexy and attractive poster :P

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