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    Default Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    I made a "blind buy" and purchased BLACK XS soley based on the reviews at basenotes. It's delicious! I might have to replace Givenchy Pi with BLACK XS as my signature scent. Yummy

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    It's an outstanding scent, yet I find it too cloying in warm weather here, otherwise I would wear it more often. I wore this one, perhaps, only 5-6 times last year 2006, and only 2 times this year.
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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    i enjoy black xs alot...however i find the sillage too minimal...pity that...
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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    Black XS is a well crafted scent, but I have problem with longevity and sillage. I prefer it to Pi, not only because its less popular and more unique, but also becuz I found it classier.

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    On the list of - 'Scents that i got rid off fastest'

    This one tops the list....I put it on ebay the next day i received this....I remember it was one of those hot months and perhaps thats the reason i found this extremely cloying....I remember it smelt like 'strawberry jam' and i told myself, who wants to smell like strawberry jam....However i think i need to retest it under the right climatic conditions....I was new on basenotes then...and over the years i have learnt one should give several wearings in different conditions before completely banishing a scent from the wardrobe...


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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    Love this scent but I only wear it during the cooler months.

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    Everyone says strawberry jam and all I've ever gotten from this one is pot. On me and on others: pot. And very true to that scent as well.

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    Great stuff - when I purchased a bottle from a Basenoter, my boyfriend promptly stole my bottle and declared Black XS his holy grail scent (no kidding). I think it smells great and yes I love smelling like Smuckers strawberry jam. I imagine it will always be in my wardrobe.

    I remember Marlen calling it 'goth Pez' and I think that description fits.
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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    Great stuff ... weak sillage ... carry a mini bottle around for longevity
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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    I think it's a brillaint scent... I too had bought it blind and have no regrets, however as most of you've already said... the sillage is weak

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    If I recall correctly, the "strawberry note" was due to a specially created synthetic molecule for Black XS. Its not my cup of tea, but I appreciate the special effect.

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    Default Re: Paco Rabanne BLACK XS

    No me gusta nada. I tried this one on in the department store and regretted it immediately. (No offense to those who do like it.)
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