I bought a bottle of this almost a year ago and it was just sitting somewhere behind this huge pile of scents that i have acquired over this period.

Of late i have started clearing my wardrobe and getting rid of scents that i know i wouldn't wear. I put this one on yesterday and i just loved it. Its fantastic for cool evenings....I have tried liking the original Jaipur Homme edp but the excessive tonka just ruins it for me....I think i have aversion to scents loaded with tonka...for the same reason i don't quite like Bogart pour homme.....Its time these 2 bottles are shown the exit door...

Today i saw a bottle of Jaipur Fraicheur epicee on ebay...i think its the earlier edition...perhaps 2004 or 2005...i don't know how that compares to the original Jaipur homme or Jaipur homme Fracheur 2006.

The tester bottle that i have says Oriental Boise and has the following fragrance notes on it:

Everlasting Flower
Cashmere Wood

It does smell like the original but without being that sweet and honestly i don't see any tonka in it at all. Longevity and sillage is just fantastic.

Anyone else loves this as much as i do? How does this edition compare to the Jaipur homme epicee edition?