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Thread: Good citrus?

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    Default Good citrus?

    So I recently tested Masaki Matsushima's M;Men. The grapefruit opening just punches you in the face. I love it, but it's so fleeting. The entire frag is gone in about 6 hours (at least for me). Is this the nature of citrusy scents? Any recommendations for something similar? Tangy and fresh with a little more staying power? Not too interested in lemon scents.

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    Im totally with you on the M;Men - its a wolf in sheeps clothing. Despite its "transparentness", it has staying power!

    Another topic has been opened that addresses citruses here:

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    since you mention grapefruit, try paul smith 'story'. amazing zingy grapefruit opening, with a kind of smoky dry-down you'll either love or hate.

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    Terre d'Hermes, of course.
    de Nicolai's Balle de Match is the best Grapefruit I've tried, but Acqua di Roma is a nice low-priced one.
    Clinique Happy is great, but also not all that long lasting.
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    You say you like grapefruit. How about mixed with a wonderful pepper with longer than usual staying power for a citrus. No lemon here.

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    The best of all. "EAU D' HADRIEN" from Annick Goutal. Try the Eau de Parfum.This perfume is a masterpiece....I adore it.
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    What you need to try is Diptyque's Oyedo. A long-lasting yuzu/citrus scent.

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    What about Memoir d'Homme... i'm no fan of it though...
    if it were for me, i'd use a waxy "unscented" base on my skin and then some of guerlain's Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat. That'll make it last longer at least.

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