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    Default Herrera - 212 for Men

    The original. There are so many variations around that I'm curious to know which is the best. With the recent Sexy, and the Splash(???), is it worth even trying them?

    For me, the original is something I'd always want in my wardrobe, but with so many other fragrances that I've got to know here on BN, I'm tempted to go into the unknown. 212 for men is honestly the one I can say has longevity much more than ANY other I've got in my wardrobe. It's also one of the very few fresh fragrances I appreciate.

    What do you say - get out to test the others or rather stick to the original?
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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    I think the original is the best. I do enjoy using the Splash version in the summer. Sexy men is okay, but if you have Code, I don't think you would really need this one.
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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    I'd say there's no need for me to test any of the variations - the original is just about perfect on me. It's the closest thing I have to a signature scent.

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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    I love the original. It's long lasting and 1 spray is enough for me here. I've tested the blue and green bottles but wasn't so impressed.
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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    The new 212 splash is slightly "fresher" ... or should I say, the Ginger note is kinda amplified in it.. more prominent atleast in the first minutes.. the rest is more or less in a similar vein to the original.

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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    I like the original and On Ice version which is great for summer. But I agree that the original is the only one you may ever need if you like it.

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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    I have fond memories of the original but I can't get into the gardenia note anymore. Yeah, the musk doesn't bother me but rather the gardenia.

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    Default Re: Herrera - 212 for Men

    hmm, i wish they would bring back the 212 White edition - supposedly a warmer, spiced version of the original.

    instead we keep getting introduced and reintroduced to cooler, repeated, but renamed summer editions.

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