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    Unhappy Old man and old lady scents

    So ok ivve ben a dedicated reader of Basenotes since i discovered the forum back in 2001. Since then my knowledge of fragrance has grown two fold. i love it here! But im sorry why do people think that men want to smell like leather and spice. Hell no. I cannot stand when men wear things that reek of patchouli and spice. Women..please, older women especially like to rock these putrid concoctions that can burn a hole throgh a door..let alone your nose. I each their own..but when will some one create a scent that is fresh and clean and comfy ..without adding patchouli in it. D&g Light Blue..trash. it smell like someone hurried to make this scent just to make us shut up . I have for the last year been wearing womens scents because the male fragrance industry sucks. i cant handle the fact that men think you have to smell like a freaking tree to smell "masculine" and i also cant handle why women want to smell like a leather shoe,,one fragrance for instance..Aromatics Elixir...pure shit my boss at work wears this and it takes everything in my body to not tell her how horrid she smells! and what kills me is that she bathes in it. I am just venting becuase fragrances are no longer amazing treasures of uniqueness and personality. They are now just things that lack creativity. sad.


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    Wow...what an old member ..

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    I have to chime in support of your feelings towards aromatics elixir. There was a girl that bathed in this stuff also. Comming down the hall, I could smell her a mile away. In a two story building, I could smell her *upwind* thats right, upwind. I would be on the second floor, catch a whiff of it, look down over the balcony, and see her comming in the building around the corner!

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    The market's been flooded with "clean, fresh" scents since Acqua di Gio came out.

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