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    Default Another Update: Lyon, France

    Hey! So after 2.5 years of planning I'm in France right now learning French. I'm going to spend a few more months and head towards Grasse to pursue my fragrance studies and become "un nez". Meanwhile, does anyone have any connections in France that I can tap into to continue chasing this dream of mine? Thanks basenotes for sending me on this path!

    - Alex

    PS. It has been amazing though. There's an Annick Goutal boutique store just around the corner. There are two major stores with L'Artisan and Serge Lutens. I just found another store with the Frederic Malle collection. My host family has a patch of awesome lavender growing outside the front porch!

    PPS. What happened to basenotes chat?


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    I'm back! France here I come!
    Hey everyone! I'm back and kicking. I've been gone for over a year or so from basenotes working really hard to take care of my academics with the aim of turning this fragrance hobby of mine (thanks basenotes!) into a career. After taking care of my engineering major and armed with four quarters of French, I am on my way to study abroad in France. I'll be studying abroad to improve my French and get familiar with Grasse (I'll actually be in Lyon though), the heartland of fragrance. Hopefully, I will be able to get my foot through door of the fragrance industry there. When I first found basenotes, I had no idea I will be where I am today. Who would have thought.

    The fragrance world has moved on without me, and I noticed that there are so many new fragrances to catch up with. I'm excited to be back and engaged in this passion of mine.

    - Alex
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    Default Re: Another Update: Lyon, France

    you are on your way to living a fantasy of many basenoters, godspeed!!!
    keep us updated, as you are able. oh, and post pics if you can!

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    Default Re: Another Update: Lyon, France

    Hi, Alex! Thanks for the update; your path sounds exciting and fun, though I imagine there have been some moments of doubt and toil. This is normal with any change of direction that is worthwhile. Sorry, but I do not have any French connections, but undoubtedly all will be revealed to you in good time. Have fun and keep us updated every once in a while. Take care.

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