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    Cool In Fiore parfum solides

    Looks great, luxury, and high-quality made:

    Anybody knows it??

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    Default Re: In Fiore parfum solides

    Yes, I live near San Francisco, where Parfumerie In Fiore are based. I've enjoyed trying a few from the line. Here's what I wrote recently (in the thread on shopping in SF):
    I sniffed a few and especially like Fumée d'Ambre (smoky incense, vetiver, patchouli, amber) and Patchouli Royale (with basenotes of sandalwood, oud, and balsams). These are only made as perfume solids, which is not my favorite way to wear fragrance, but they seem well made and a dab of the patchouli is going strong on my wrist an hour later. $58 for a small metal compact with the perfume and a hinged, mirrored lid.
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