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    Default Black Tourmaline

    Does anyone have any experience with Black Tourmaline?


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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    Sure, Go to "search" and type in Black Tourmaline and go the the thread that Jock-With-Scents started.

    I own a bottle and simply love it.

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    after it's been on for hours and hours it smells a lot like CdG garage's opening

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    Default Re: Black Tourmaline

    I just got my full bottle of BT for my birthday - which is still three weeks away, but a Lucky Scent package arrived today with my partner's name on it, so he had mercy and let me open it. I love this stuff. I almost bought Rock Crystal a while back because I'm an incense junkie and I love the added slight post-coital smell of Rock Crystal. (Profumum's Olibanum does an even better job with the same concept, except it's twice the price with half the longevity.) Well, Black Tourmaline takes Rock Crystal and sets in on fire in a raging bonfire of beautiful woods and fall leaves. This is now my #1 fall scent. Also, a few people had mentioned the cool stones in the bottom of the bottle, but I didn't realize that instead of a box, it comes sewn into a cloth bag. Very nice presentation!
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