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    Arrow Knize Ten "blind buy"

    I just ordered a Knize Ten 15ml miniature splash since it was only 9 euros and I was ordering some Voleur de Roses anyway so it doesn't count as a blind buy really. It was from First In Fragrance (Germany) and I only ordered it to get three more free sample sprays!

    Will it be the same juice as in a 'normal' bottle or does 'miniature splash' imply aftershave or some weaker scent?

    Check the swap boards sometime next week!! (I don't have much luck with blind buys!)

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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Should be the edt in miniature. Be forewarned, though -- the edt is really almost like edp strength -- two or three sprays tops, esp. your first time with this rough beast.

    Good way to order blind buys, btw. Tell us what you think of this gasoline-soaked leather belt once it arrives.

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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Funny how this fragrance smells so different to me than to others.
    While I don't get any of the harshness a lot of people talk about, I would second the recommendation about only putting on a little bit at first simply because of its longevity: it doesn't wash off easily. I first tried it with just a couple drops from a sample, and it was more than enough to give me an idea about what it smelled like.

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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Talk about a brave blind buy! Just remember:

    1. Start out with just one dab.

    2. Wait at least an hour before you decide what you think of it. Wait at least four hours to decide what you really think of it.
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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    This is what you will go through:

    top notes:

    heart notes:

    Between the heart notes and the drydown:


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    Smile Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Knize 10,Potent frag.Would suggest, you try some evening when your hanging around the house,as this, if over applied,can clear a room. Listen to those who have gone before you. Decant to a spray bottle, and mist one time,and one time only.Than start the begining of a long term relationship. Enjoy!!

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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Weird this is one of the only leathers i dont like.

    best of luck!

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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Quote Originally Posted by zztopp View Post
    This is what you will go through:

    top notes:

    heart notes:

    Between the heart notes and the drydown:

    Lol. Sounds interesting.
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    Default Re: Knize Ten "blind buy"

    Just the fact so many of us disagree on Knize Ten means you should probably have tested it first. But, what the hell, it's a small bottle. For me, Knize Ten is the best pure leather fragrance ever made. I like other leathers too, but I think Knize is the benchmark against which all others should be measured. My nose has completely adjusted to the opening harshness probably because I know it leads to such a rewarding and long lasting honey leather finish. The leather drydown is the most agreeable leather scent there is! K10 has been a fragrance mainstay for almost 80 years now. They did something right when they put this one together!

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