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    Default Kiton Men: A thank you note

    Dear Basenoters who own Kiton Men,

    Thanks for posting about this fragrance. I ordered it blindly on a hunch. This fragrance turned out to be the "green" Holy Grail I have always looked for. For a decade, I have spent more money than I'll admit in search of what I was imagining. Although I have come close with a fragrance or two, it still wasn't it, until I discovered Kiton Men. I suppose this is another good reason for the existence and helpfulness of basenotes! There is not alot to be said in an informal review. It is a pure green musky heaven. It is fresh, deep, and long lasting. A true masterpeice and one I will never be without!


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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    Have you tried Bond Central Park? Grammercy Park? OK, I'll hush and let you revel.

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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    Yes, I have tried those. I will mention that in Central Park, I like the lime but cannot stand the cashmere note in the drydown. It reminds me too much of cashmere mist which gives me a headache. I have tried all bonds, all creeds, all L'Artican, all Hermes, and countless other niche and department store fragrances. The only other fragrance that is near identical to this but is inderior is the discontinued wild country outback 2 by avon. I could stand the grapefruit topnote in that one but the drydown was great. Also, I find vetiver tonka by hermes vastly inferior to Kiton Men!

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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    Not a fan of this one. Smells like Diors Fahrenheit except not as satisfying, rich or dynamic. For my money I would stick with Fahrenheit. But hey, glad to help.

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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note


    Congratulations on finding a fragrance you are truly pleased and excited about.
    It is really nice to see when a fellow basenoter has hit the 'sweet spot' in his/her frag hobby.
    I have and enjoy Kiton as well. It is a frag I can reach for on any occasion, and at anytime of the year. Enjoy!
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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    One man's Kiton.... . you liking this so much has restored some kind of cosmic balance .

    I'm very happy you have found your fragrant dream. Those are great moments in a perfume lover's life. I will never forget my first sniff of Villoresi's Sandalo (actually my reaction was: "meh," but I soon learned to adore it)

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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    I could rant all day about how great Kiton is, but I won't.
    "It's not what you look like when you're doing what you're doing; it's what you're doing when you're doing what you look like you're doing."
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    Default Re: Kiton Men: A thank you note

    Be careful of passionate love - you love it so much that you will end up wearing it everyday and eventually you will get sick of it. Fragrance that grows on you are the ones that you'll spent your lifetime with.

    Passionate love burns too quickly, true love are never love at first sight.

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