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    Ok, need a complementary but different cologne. In other words, something that is not a true clone of what I have, but then again, not 180 degrees opposite

    I wear Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque and Chergui. I dont do pine, or earthy (Vetiver or Voluer de Roses do not do well on my skin). I like a cologne that projects, but have not smelt Noir Epices

    So, here are choices

    Piper Nigrum
    Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac
    Stay with MPG Eau des Iles.

    Suggestions for this winter/fall?

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    Man, I had Piper Nigrum and it just did not work. I tried, but it's too "spicy" and "foody".

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    Have you tried Terre D'Hermes? It has a mineralic note different from the "earthy" type scents you mentioned. Terre also projects very well, lasts a long time, and I believe is good year-round.

    Piper Nigrum and I did not get along as well. I admire the scent, but just was not comfortable wearing it. Feuilles de Tabac is a wonderful scent which I assume you've sampled. Do you like amber scents, or does amber to your nose equate with earthy?

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    You mentioned Noir Epices - it projects, it's very different from the fragrances you listed, and I think it's got a Top 10 best drydowns - but you gotta like orange and/or powdery effects. If you do, you'll love this. It took about 3-4 wearing before I went bananas over this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wicozani View Post
    Have you tried Terre D'Hermes? It has a mineralic note different from the "earthy" type scents you mentioned. Terre also projects very well, lasts a long time, and I believe is good year-round.
    I will second wicozani's suggestion - it is an excellent fragrance. Since you like Lutens, you might also consider one of his that is in my top ten Ambre Sultan
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    I can do amber, it is the Guerlain Vetivers and the Voleur de Roses I can not handle. Vetiver Extraordinare, ok, Creed Vetiver, too soapy. The Montale Auods, not good on my skin. Same with Bulgari that smells like Rubber. I did like Navagateur by L'Artisan but they say it is discontinued. The Miller Harris did not last as long on my skin but it was sampled in warm weather. I think the Eau Des Iles lasts a while, but the hazelnut is almost to the point of being cloyingly sweet. Fumerie at least is smokey and rosy on me, and Cherqui has a bit of acrid honey, which on me is good.

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    Eau des Îles is hard to beat, but Feuilles de Tabac gives it a run for its money. Either one will do nicely. I don't know Piper Nigrum except by reputation; I've never smelled it.
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