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    Default Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Would like share experience and get feedback.
    Recently I got in wet shaving so started to try different shaving creams and soaps. Beeing in C&E (Crabtree and Evilyn ?) store I checked sandalwood shaving soap and I liked sandalwood scent so much that decided to check some colognes. Another day I was shopping in Prime Outlets and went into perfumes store. I asked for sandalwood scents and was suggested 3-4 ones (can not name them, already forgot). What I discovered non of them had well pronounced sandalwood. I decided to read about SW (sandalwood) scents here on BN, and feel that almost non of colognes have pure SW in them, mainly as one of components with SW hiding in deep.

    I was checking eBay (am I unique? ;-) well and bought for cheap Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden. Put it on today. As my theory starts to crystallize no well pronounced SW. But to me the dry down reminiscent me Eau Sauvage by Dior ! Anybody find it in the same lot? Interestingly, first is classified as SW and another as lemon or citrussy.

    SW by E.Arden though little bit soapy, but not much. I am disappointed with lack of SW notes, but like it anyway as an (inexpensive!) alternative to ES Dior, which I like too. SW may be has little bit better power, I would say moderate.

    Want to hear your thought too.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    For a strong sandalwood note check out Tricorn by Caswell-Massey, it's quite lovely. Loads of Bangalore Sandalwood, great projection - it lasts for ever and is very well priced. I find EA's Sandalwood a bit dated for my tastes.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    I've got a full bottle of Arden Sandalwood that a friendly Basenoter sent me unannounced and for free! It hasn't really done the trick for me so far, so as per the instructions of the person that sent it to me, I am not to sell it, but to offer it to someone that might be interested.

    If anyone is interested in a 100ml bottle with box but no cap, PM me! I'd love to trade it for some samples!
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Try Chanel Egoiste or Trumper's Sandalwood. Both last all day on me and then some.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Arden's Sandalwood is bone dry and the emphasis is really more on patchouli in the dry-down.
    Very masculine, very Sixties. A tad dated? Yes, but very, very nice for the price.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Interesting. I just wore this a few days ago, and I gotta agree with TV. Bone dry....indeed. I get some woods out of it, a little patchouli, and a definite heavy helping of lavender and some type of dry floral accord in the progression from start into the late middle. C&E's Sandalwood is a bit smoother, certainly fewer rough edges than Arden's juice.

    I don;t really notice a lot of parallels between Arden's Sadalwood and Eau Sauvage, though. Maybe just my skin. But hey, for the price, I think the Arden Sandalwood is a bargain of a nostalgia trip!


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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    I agree with Ruggles, Tricorn is wonderful stuff at an amazing price. It does come on very strong and sweet (in a nice old-fashioned way, though), the drydown is fantastic and it lasts and lasts.

    Other execellent sandalwoods that (on my skin) really bring out a beautiful genuine sandalwood note are Floris Sandalwood (not Santal), Creed Santal Imperial and Bois de Santal, Villoresi Sandalo, and, beautifully blendend with incense and spices, DSH Sandalo Inspiritu. Lutens Santal de Mysore is also great.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Just started using Arden Men Sandalwood thanks to a trade with one of our dear brothers, and I must say I like it very much. True it is not strong on the sandalwood, at least at first, but the wood does peek in and then becomes fairly prominent in the later stages of development. I really like this fragrance. To me it is a real classic 50s-60s elegant barbershop fragrance, clean and just a little soapy. It is subtle, but very fine. Pity it is discontinued. Reminds me of John Forsyth in his heyday. I think it is very worthwhile.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    As I see good sandal wood scents mostly are pretty expensive and unisex.
    I want to get pure masculine and preferably not sweeet, keeping budget down.

    I checked (read about) Tricorn, may be I need to give it a shot. Is it really sweet?
    BTW, little bit confusing, I found other Caswell-Massey colonges (1752 Sandalwood Cologne and Sandalwood Cologne) and they are not mentioned as good sandalwood scents.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Quote Originally Posted by yuri View Post
    I want to get pure masculine and preferably not sweeet
    Creed Santal Imperial or Dyptique Tam Dao are what you're looking for.

    Quote Originally Posted by yuri View Post
    keeping budget down.
    Since you liked the shaving cream so much, why not try C&E's matching Sandalwood EDT?
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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    A good sandalwood is elusive for me as well. None of them really smell like sandalwood! C&E Sandalwood cologne smells more like cinnamin to me (although I DO like the shave cream). Creed sandalwood (the red one) that I've tried wasn't good to my nose. I've heard a lot about Trumper's Sandalwood. . .

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    Default Re: Sandalwood cologne by Elizabeth Arden

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_Frances View Post
    Pity it is discontinued.
    There is a good quantity of bottles available at the JR Perfume Outlet in Statesville, North Carolina, in case anyone lives near there.

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