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    Default Escada Moon Sparkle: Does Anybody Know Anything About This?

    Today I dropped off my aunt at the airport and Nordstroms was on my way back. I decided to stop by to say hi to two people I know there. Nordstroms had the mens version but no tester and there was nobody there to help so I went to the womens section to say hello to my friend. In the corner of my eye I noticed they had the womens tester but not the boxes as of yet. Let me say it is fruit punch all over again except the bottle has been update to be so much better and much more mature looking.

    The mens version is listed on ebay as well as the pic, but the notes are not listed.

    Does anbody know what this juice contains? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Escada Moon Sparkle: Does Anybody Know Anything About This?

    I've been wanting to try this one out but haven't made it to my local "big box" retailer yet. Go ahead, make fun if you want, but I really liked last year's SUNSET HEAT for men. Granted, it wasn't anything super-special but I found it to be perfect for my annual Februrary vacation in Ft. Lauderdale--very fruity and perfect for afternoon cocktails or acasual evenings out. I even bought the shower gel. I haven't used it too much since, only occasionally during summer, but when I smell it now it certainly conjures up memories of my fantastic week in Florida. Which is something I think fragrances do best!

    MOON SPARKLE has notes of, according to Sephora, Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper, Ginger, Marine Accord, Violet, Green Grape, Floral Aquatic, Georgywood (that's a new one for me!), Cedar Wood, Marine Amber, and Vetyver.

    If anyone has tried this and can compare it to last year's stank, let me know what you think.

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