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    Smile Bijan Nude Good God!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok people this fragrance is amazing. The perfect fresh out of the shower scent. I ADORE it... whats funny is that it reminds me of a scent from my childhood but i cant put my finger on it. anyway i got the gift set from Perfumania and it was well worth it. It smells at first very aquatic but with a skin like softness to it. its perfect for when you want to smell natural and just plain clean. Amazing Shit my friends. get it. and love it. i eagerly awaiting the womens. YAY for bijan. a fragrance done right

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    Default Re: Bijan Nude Good God!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im really eager to try this scent, even though i had my run in with his foul mouthed older brother bijan men...any updates guys on your likes or dislike with this scent?

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