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    Default Saved from the brink...again!!

    After a few months without use, I decided to wear my much neglected, swap list standard, Silver Mountain Water. After all, it was a bright and sunny, yet crisp and breezy day.

    Wow! What an incredible fragrance and what a perfect match for the day. SMW is truly the John McClane of my wardrobe.

    Has anyone else had experiences rediscovering--and saving--fragrances that they were about to get rid of?

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    Default Re: Saved from the brink...again!!

    I dont have that problem. I have the exact opposite problem, I get rid of stuff and then a week later-- "Son of a beotch, why did I get rid of that?"

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    Default Re: Saved from the brink...again!!

    I had the samething with Claibourne Sport and Lacoste Pour Homme.

    I had tired of Claibourne because I had started seeking a more.. I dont know sexy fragrance you could say rather than just ummm that smells good type thing. About a month ago I grabbed my bottle spritzed some on and wow... I was back in love. It is a great smell but I found my love in orientals.

    As for Lacoste PH... I do not know what caused my, not reallt dislike but hatred for this scent. But I remember one day getting up and as I got a whiff of myself I was somewhat.. annoyed by the Rum smell... At that time it smelled more of rum than anything else. So I discontinued use. Then another day I was looking for something for a casual day and... I picked up Lacoste PH.. It was saved. Although I cannot say the same for Cliniques Happy or Preffered Stock.

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