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    Default Noses behind d'Orsay

    d'Orsay is one of the best perfume houses around, despite a certain lack of BN hype .
    To my knowledge all of the classic d'Orsays have been reformulated at some point, many in the 1990s, yet they exude an "old world" quality and balance of composition rarely found these days. Which leads me to the question of who the noses are behind the reformulated d'Orsays. They are evidently masters of the craft and they managed to keep intact a very discernible house style, which I find great. Can anybody fill the gaps?

    Arome 3 Tradition -
    Chevalier d'Orsay -
    Etiquette Bleue -
    Le Dandy - Dominique Preysass (Basala, Nicole Farhi for men, Jaguar for Men)
    Tilleul - Olivia Giacobetti
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    Thumbs up Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    I share your love for D'Orsay. I can't help you though. Now that wasn't the most useful or important post. Just wanted to be in a good company .

    Seriously, all of the mentioned fragrances are very well done, with quality and class being the keywords. There is nothing that unique or spectacular here, atleast on surface, but subtle and distinctive beauty. This fact obviously makes them less hypeable (that can't be a real word).

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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Sorry t_g_l I have no nose info.

    I only posted to say that jock_with_scents and scentemental have sufficiently hyped d'Orsay quite a lot - I wouldn't have heard about these amazing scents otherwise. I'm really looking forward to sampling these one of these days.
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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Well, I guess it is no surprise that I am chiming in here. Timeless quality...Chevalier d'Orsay and Arome 3 Tradition are in my Top 10 and not going anywhere for a LONG time.

    Hopefully scentemental will see this and provide some nose info.
    I think you can get these frags on,, and Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and that is it in the US. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Great stuff! I have Le Dandy, Le Nomade, and Arme 3. I wish I had picked up Chevalier d'Orsay while my local Nordstom still had it... Alas! it is long gone now. I might check our Bergdorf's online and see what can be done.

    I did a little checking online, thinking that perhaps might have some leads on the ones asked about, but turned up nothing new... so sorry!

    Thanks to all of you d'Orsay fans for your faith in a great line!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    I have been trying to quietly promote this line for some three years now. Unfortunately, none of the fragrances have made to flavor of the month status. Most peoples' loss.

    Don't have anything to add re: noses except what's already been mentioned. This kind of information is not easy to come by.

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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    I wish I could provide information as well, but haven't come up with anything. In my experience, only the Crown Perfumery reformulations, when that company was revived in the 1990s and before its unfortunate demise at the hands of Clive Christian, matched the old world standards evidenced in the reformulations of D'Orsay's current line.

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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Please don't ask me where, because I wrecked my brain for it already: Some expert wrote not too long ago that also the D'Orsays have suffered from modifications. I only have Chevalier (vintage, slightly gone), and Tilleul which is a few years old, but smells just like I remember it always did. I was very surprised by this recent information.
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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    I tried Nomade today at Takashimaya, I'm not impressed. Lots of bright cedar, nice bottle, nothing much else to report.

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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Nomade is not the one to try. Move on to the others.

    Chevalier d'Orsay
    Arome 3 Tradition

    Both can be sniffed at Bergdorf Goodman
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    Default Re: Noses behind d'Orsay

    Since we have essentially moved on from the original question, which was a very intersting one, but with no known answer, I guess I will just throw my 2cents in to say Chevalier d'Orsay is one of my all time top fragrances. If I were in love with a beautiful blonde (much younger than my grizzled old self) I would give the gift of Tilleul, one of the absolute greats. Arome 3 is out of this world, but Le Dandy has been reformulated into a wimp of its former self. Like Nomade, it is pretty weak and indifferent. Nomade is the fragrance for those who don't particularly like to smell fragrances. I also like Arome Trois Tradition, but not as much as it's shorter-named brother.

    I just wish they didn't evicerate Le Dandy. What a boozy fin de siecle gaudy dandy it once was. Whoever was the nose for that one should have his nose examined.
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