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    Default Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    We are all linked by our passion for fragrances. At the same time, we are all on individual journeys.

    I am interested in what drives you and what your philosophy is towards fragrances. Not just from those who are well along their path but from everybody, including newbies like myself.

    So, how did it start for you? Did you wander for a while from scent to scent without a clear-cut idea of the direction in which you wanted to go?

    Where are you now? Are you exploring specific notes, specific families, specific perfumers or something entirely different? Are you developing a perfumer's nose - if so, did it come naturally? If not, what did you do to develop your nose?

    What are your goals? Where is this journey taking you? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you focused on finding your Holy Grail(s), on learning as much as you can about the art of perfumery or again on something else entirely? Will this remain an avocation or will it (has it) become a career for you?

    For me personally, I have been wandering. Aimlessly at first and while, I feel more confident in my likes and dislikes, I think all I have really accomplished so far is to confine my wandering to a narrower area. It would be too strong to say that I have a direction (or a discriminating nose) but hopefully I am heading that way. It started for me when I began looking to replace my discontinued signature scent. I still think that is my goal but, as I learn more, sample more and become more open to new territory, finding that one perfect scent is proving to be very elusive. Primarily, I think, because I keep changing the definition of what ‘perfect’ means to me!

    Sometimes, like now, I feel that I may be in danger of reaching a plateau. Hopefully, your input can help take my journey to another level.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I was nowhere when i got started.

    I am somewhere (lost) now.

    I am heading for a disaster considering the way i am buying.

    This is not exactly what you seek in response to your post but this is precisely what came to my mind the moment i read the title.


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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    My criteria was always simple: unique, less well known and versatile. However, when I started, I wasn't aware of all the world had to offer. Basenotes has exposed me to many things that perhaps I would not have otherwise seen.

    Fortunately, I have the resources nearby (barneys, saks, NMs, luckyscent, etc) and the financial ability to divide and conquer appropriately. Otherwise, I think it would have taken me much longer to get where I am today.

    I first started to search for the holy grail, but I've since shifted to finding the holy grail of wardrobes. A collection, that taken as a whole, will be a diverse portfolio of all possible categories that still meet the afore mentioned criteria. I think I'm very, very close to achieving that.

    I'm not sure what happens once I feel that I have that satisfactory wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I started out with a Caswell-Massey men's sampler set and moved up and on through the Creeds and Lorenzo Villoresis, several of which I still love. Then a foray through L'Artisan. (Some great ones there.) Now I'm playing with Parfumerie Generale, Comme des Garcons, and MPG and (so far) rejecting the omnipresent Serge Lutens, which all smell either too sweet or freakishly cloying to me, although Ambre Sultan and Gris Clair still hold some appeal. The future? Probably moving on to clothing and bicycling and just keeping tabs on the scent world for anything exciting.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    i started sort of by exgirlfriend bought me something she really liked, but befor that i owned things like polo sport and bath and body works mens refresher sprays....i guess i fully started noticing frags when there were like three on my dresser at one time and i really didnt love them...i wanted much more, not in quantity but absolute quality. As the old expression goes, at least for women, "you have to kiss a couple frogs....". This was the same for me. I went through the aquatic phase because i didnt really have to think about it, then i went through the niche phase and liked it for a while. Now im in the quality based upon scent alone and not cost, type of bottle or designer...i find that i like a lot of musk based scents a lot more than "clean scents" though one or two I still do enjoy...from now on I am looking more for complexity than anything...for instance i stumbled upon egoiste again and love it to death, but in the beginning i just didnt get it or like it at all!

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I loved wearing fragrances in the 80's, Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel Pour Homme, Yatagan, Aramis, Devin, Grey Flannel, Equipage, Polo. I lost interest in the 90's due to the whole aquatic/fresh trend. A year ago, I tried Serge Lutens' Arabie, discovered Basenotes and niche houses and realized that things had really changed for the better in the fragrance world. The last year or so I've been playing catch up with all the trends I missed. Now I feel that I've developed a nose for what I like. I've found my entire experience to follow the rules of the "learning curve".
    I've made numerous mistakes of judgement, none too costly, - that's how one learns, isn't it?
    I go through 3 years cycles with my obsessions. I wonder what's next for me?
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    started out when my bottle of davidoff coolwater ran was all i used for many years...then a friend told me that bvlgari extreme and rl silver romance, issey miyake was "must buy chick magnets". So curiousity led to some internet searching on the topic of fragrances...

    I stumbled first upon perfume emporium...but when i found basenotes...that was the beginning of a wild spree of 20 odd bottles...

    Nowadays my buying has slowed down but I am always on the lookout for something new...and of course...there always is a wishlist...
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I started out with CKone at like age 12... I then got about 14 and bought Obsession. I loved it but for me it was a little too deep and romantic. So I went to Cool Water. I was feelin Cool Water and then I went fragrance shopping and found Claibourne Sport. That was what I stuck with for a while.

    I then stumbled upon 212 Men and fell in love with the sheer musky aquatic aroma... I also found Boss Bottled as well and that was my first real Woodsy type cologne. Joop was also added to the ole collection.. Thats when I found out I liked vanilla and hated Joop so I found Pi.. Pi is my all time favorite. I started looking for strick orientals after Pi. Which leads me to my new signature 360 White.

    I'm currently looking for a scent to end my vanilla crave.. I narrowed it down to Desire Red, Ignition and Roma. Minotaure, Pi and 360 White are at the front lines.

    Also.. I'm starting to go into fruity like smells... All fruit smells suck IMO. Except John V.. Thats Godly...
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    "I don't know where i'm going...but i sure know where i've been..."

    Before BN, i wore mostly Curve and Drakkar Noir .

    I've since discovered so many great fragrances. Can't afford most of the niche stuff, but there's many affordable classics out there that, thanks to BN, i know about now.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    In the late 60's I was wearing English Leather, Brut, British Sterling, Jovan Musk, etc like every self respecting red blooded American guy. Then my allergies started up and it all just kind of went bye bye. Last Christmas my sister got me some Acqua di Gio. I know, boo, hiss. Well I liked it and not having any idea what was out there I wanted to get about 7 scents that I could rotate and enjoy. Then in my searching I found Basenotes and all the cool people on here that are willing to put up with us amateurs. Well little did I know that that was the beginning of my madness. Yes I have found 7 scents but the problem is is now I have to pick between about 20 or 30 in any given time instead of 7. And I want more, more!!

    By the way, I don't wear AdG anymore.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I grew up with my dad's and uncles' scents. In those days, it was stuff like Old Spice, Canoe, Zizanie, and a few Spanish things people had brought back across the Atlantic from trips: Gal Heno de Pravia, Varón Dandy, Puig Agua Lavanda, Agua Brava.

    When I got to college, I began to branch out a bit. I think the first thing I bought there was 4711. I know, I know... I was young and impressionable.

    Then my interest went underground for a while. Later, I got back into clothes and scents and came upon things like Bowling Green and Grey Flannel. That morphed into more interesting things: Carven Vetiver, Jacomo Eau Cendrée, Caron Yatagan. I would occasionally add something here and there, by fits and starts.

    About ten years ago, I hit the explosive stage, gradually ramping up to a collection of about eighty bottles. With the fortuitous discovery of Basenotes, I would now characterize this "hobby" as being officially in overdrive.

    The more I learn, the more I appreciate; but also, the more bottles I acquire. What I would like is to acquire a better knowledge of the art of perfumery and a better nose. That would be much cheaper (and more rewarding) than just more acquisition. It is hard, though, to put on the brakes...
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    My "Fragrance Funk" Thread gave a good indication of where I'm at.

    Where I want to be:

    A) A wardrobe of 30 scents (I'm now at 35 keepers). A good mix of seasonal and year 'rounders. A mix of niche and designer. Slum (Aspen) and Penthouse (Bond No. 9).

    B) A limit of one new scent per month, and an attempt to phase out one per month when appropriate via sale/swap.

    C) I never want to get over 35 scents again. That's plenty for me.

    I want versatility, wearability and the feeling of not being overwhelmed by choices. I want to manage my hobby, not be managed by it.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I started out in the 1970's when Avon was making all the specialty bottles in shapes of cars, etc. They were inevitably filled with Wild Country. While I liked the bottles, and I like that fragrance all right now, I didn't care much for it, and didn't like the typical Old Spice, Aqua Velva, or Skin Bracer on the shelves at home. So I didn't wear much of anything.

    I think I finally got interested in my 20's (late 80's and early 90's), although I never cared much for the aquatics. I started buying department store after Christmas gift sets at a discount. I developed a liking for things such as Quorum, Polo, Obsession, Azzaro, Halston, Calvin (miss that one), and the like. I developed (and used up) quite a wardrobe.

    I lost interest again in the era of Acqua di Gio, and then got started again this year when I found a clearance sale at a local store. I found some old friends, and made some new ones of the drug store variety for very little money. Some of them are excellent...some arent'. I also started reading reviews here on basenotes, and I discovered Scentiments and Big Discount, so a lot of stuff is affordable now.

    Right now, I'm still searching. I enjoy discovering new treasures and adding stuff to my collection. I would love to explore the world of Creed at some point, but right now, I'm just as delighted with a new bottle of one of the Coty fragrances as I am with Versace! :-) They all have their place, and all have their pluses and minuses.

    I am sure at some point I will settle on a few select fragrances, but at least I know they will be ones that give me genuine pleasure.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Where I came from? A lengthy scent-free period (although I frequently indulged in scented soaps/washes and would have three or more bars/bottles going at any given time). Before that -- in grad school, really -- I pretty much stuck with one or two scents, notably Calvin and C&S Grapefruit. A guy I dated briefly a couple of years ago got me back into fragrance; he wore cK one, so I decided I should wear something too. One new fragrance became two, became more. A search for my old favorites Calvin and C&S Grapefruit led me to Basenotes.

    Where I'm at? At this point I've got a wardrobe of about three dozen fragrances -- most of them acquired rather quickly in the past year, based on lots of sniffing and lots of reading (and lots of spending, and the occasional mistake)! At this point, I don't buy a lot, but I do try a lot, testing everything against a couple of criteria. First, do I love it? (If not, then it gets ruled out, even if I like it and it's free. Life is too short, and my wardrobe too crowded, for things I don't love.) Second, how closely does it resemble what I already own? (If it's unique and distinctive -- and something I love -- then I might just have room for it. If it's similar to something I already own, then I won't bite unless the new scent is a definitive "upgrade", displacing something I've already got.)

    Where I'm going? Who knows? But at the moment I feel like I can keep to the road I'm on. Maybe I'll slow down trying new things if my interest wanes, or if I feel my wardrobe no longer has gaps or things in need of "upgrading".

    The lines from T.S. Eliot in my signature seem strangely apropos to this Basenotes thread, eh?
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Where I came from?
    I started off being an anti-fragrancer, if you will. Nobody in my immediate family used fragrances when I grew up. The closest I ever came to smelling fragrances was (a) from the magazine sample cards that my mom would collect from her magazines and (b) from the free eau de toilette vials they used to include on airline “personal care kits”. In either case, what I smelled wasn’t that nice.

    But, there were two people who helped turn me around on fragrances. The first was a guy friend who talked to me about using fragrances to appeal to women. You know the standard schtick. I nodded my head for a few minutes, and then brushed it off. The other person was a girl I went out with for a while, and the last time I went on a date with her I had a fantastic time dancing with her. She was wearing Angel that evening, and she smelled wonderful to me.

    A few weeks after that, I kind of put two and two together and browsed through the fragrances at the Duty Free on my way to and from a ski trip. That’s how I got my first two bottles, not knowing anything about fragrances other than (a) my friend recommended Burberry, and (b) Chanel Allure Sport smelled nice to me at the Duty Free.

    Where I'm at?
    I’ve collected a much bigger collection than I ever thought possible. I thought I was overdoing it by starting with 2 bottles right off the bat! Like some others have said, I am starting to trim back. I have started to figure out what I really, really like and what’s just okay to me. I have also started to explore and enjoy parfums.

    For me, it’s about personal enjoyment and literally as part of my wardrobe like a fashion accessory. I have different tints and shades for my sunglasses to suit my mood and what I’m wearing. Likewise with fragrances, I use what suits my mood and how I want to come across to anyone who might pick up on it.

    The aforementioned Angel girl? She's a regular friend now, and finds my interest in fragrances quite amusing.

    Where I'm going?
    I have no idea. I find myself drawn more towards the classics and I’m starting to explore niches. With fragrances and with other things, I go for things that I personally like and if it isn’t mainstream, so much the better. I’m not taking it in any methodical or organized fashion – just learning and experiencing with the flow.
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    My interest in fragrances started with essential oils years ago and branched out into fragrances (mostly niche houses). I've always had a good nose, but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I became fascinated by fragrances ability to create emotion, inspire thought, and comfort. It's an incredibly deep study that most people have no idea about; I think the olfactory sense is our most neglected and misunderstood faculty.

    Fragrance takes me places, out of the mundane. Odd as it may be, even if I'm doing chores, the action is exalted by the presence of a high quality fragrance.

    These days I'm more into composing my own scents. I've tried hundreds of commercial fragrances, from designer to niche houses. Many of them really move me (Nicolai New York, MPG Santal Noble, SL Gris Clair, Le Labo Rose 31, SMN Musk, etc.) but not in the same way as my own blends and mixes have recently. I think I've aquired a good enough nose over time, to where I can be satisfied with my own blends.

    I'm sure it's cyclical, but right now I'm really enjoying natural essential oils the most. I made a sandalwood cologne from high quality Indian sandalwood last week and that's all I've been wanting to spray on!
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Up until a few weeks ago, my interest in fragrances drifted lazily between none and negative.

    I remember liking my dad's Old Spice when I was a young child, in that it "smelled like him", but I didn't want to wear it (kids don't shave, therefore don't need after-shave); as an older child, I didn't care for his Bay Rhum (although I found the spelling and the bottle interesting.)

    As a teen and young adult I hated anything "artificial".

    Like everyone, I got stuck in elevators with people who drenched themselves in cheap, sickly-smelling scents.

    I had the misfortune of working for a year or two with a woman who I swear marinated in some cloying abomination every night; I pictured her sleeping in a vat of it.

    A few years ago a girlfriend got me interested in artisanal soaps. I started buying them whenever I traveled, seeking out handmade soaps by local artisans.

    Next stop was the Lush store where I started buying shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer as well as soaps.

    A few weeks ago one of my friends, who recently started going out again after the breakup of a long relationship, got himself a bottle of Tea for Two. He kept telling me and another friend how much women like it.

    We accompanied him on his next trip to Barney's, and although I swore I would not acquire another expensive habit, I was interested in the variety and subtlety of the scents I sampled (mostly CdG and Le Labo.)

    First bottle I bought was CdG 2, which is still my favorite, but have acquired 3 others since, as well as a handful of samples.

    I have been amazed at how many different fragrances I like on first sniff; I have not tested enough of them on me to narrow myself down to any particular family or style, although my tendency so far is to avoid floral and aquatic and focus more on incense, wood and patchouli.

    I plan to take a leisurely tour of niche brands and see where it takes me. I do have an interest in wearing things that not everyone has/knows about. I don't want to acquire an immense wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Started with my extreme disappoinment with the frags I was testing in the department stores. Found out about decants and brands I never heard of before. Although I've found some bottle worthy frags I'm still extremely disappointed in the quality of 99% of what's out there.

    I'm always surprised when I see huge wardrodes. I wish I could enjoy more, but I guess I'm more picky than most. Basenotes is a great place for fun and learning about new frags to try. Whether I agree or disagree with a fellow Basenoter, I wouln't have found some of my favorite frags without them. One of my new frags I enjoy is Black Toumaline. How would I've found that without internet and basenotes.

    Where am I now? Same as where I started with a little more knowledge. Well I guess it's time to search for this weeks decants. See ya.

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    It started when I was growing up, I worked in my father's salon around women who wore the finest perfumes and my mother always wore Chanel No 5. I never wore the same thing in school the rest of the girls did, always something different.

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Well, I've had an interest in essential oils dating back about six or seven years now, with my enthusiasm waxing and waning at various times.
    This summer, I began to get interested in them once again, but found I was reaching an impasse: either I splurge on two to three hundred dollars worth of stuff and start to get into natural perfumery seriously, or I check and see what's been done by the professional perfumers out there. I chose the latter, and I've been sniffing my way around since.
    Right now I'm in the process of going through various leather scents - I like the variety, and I like that they tend not to be too sweet - and seeing what I think of them.

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    It hasn't been that long, so here's the ~whole catalog~:

    Pop's Brut & Canoe - - Brut Actif Blue - - Claiborne for men - - Bootleg Tommy - - Bootleg Cool Water - - Cool Water - - Bootleg Cool Water - - Bootleg Polo Sport - - Bootleg Polo Sport - - Polo Sport - - Aspen (gift) - - Perry Ellis 360 (classic) - - Bowling Green - - Bowling Green - - Baryshnikov Sport - - Tommy (gift) - - Polo Sport - - Nautica - - Bootleg Hugo - - Hugo - - Polo Sport (gift-set) - - Swiss Army (gift) - - Nautica (gift-set) - - *Giftsets last 3 years* - - Polo Blue (gift) - - Azzaro Chrome - - Acqua Di Gio (gift) - - Michael Jordan (original)- - - - - -

    - - * Finds Basenotes by googling Brut Actif Blue* - -
    *Buys Actif Blue & Polo Sport on ebay*
    *Goes to department stores and smells everything twice*
    *Buys John Varvatos on ebay*

    *Spends too much $$$ on Creed Virgin Island Water*
    *Feels like fool*
    *Spends too much $$$ on Navegar*
    *Buys Polo Sport for life*
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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    For most of my life I was a one-cologne guy. Basenotes messed me up. I was really only looking for some info on Burberry Brit, which was my first ebay bought perfume. Yeah, Ebay and basenotes - my wardrobe is the day care center to the flock of their offspring, conceived without pause from unquenchable desires.

    Perfume has siomewhat taken the place of wine, which I used to explore and drink in a serious way . Health issues and the birth of our daughter have led to a massive reduction of that and I've switched my obsession to perfume - not that I don't enjoy a nice Lynch Bages now and then. I bought perfume manically for a while. I am still buying, though more systematically now, but I still can't resist a good offer. I also have a fairly good idea of my tastes. I don't like the majority of modern designer fragrances, have a weakness for classics and niche, and for traditional Eau de Colognes, my favorite houses are Villoresi and Creed.

    As historian I couldn't help but develop and interest in perfume history. I've acquired a numbe of books and read profusely and I still think an academically sound cultural history of perfumery, especially since the 18th century, needs to be written. Many of the cultural issues that interest me about perfume are not addressed in the few good studies there are.

    I would like to cut down my collection to a hundred 4&5 star fragrances, though I admit that a really large collection offers certain pleasures, and I actually enjoy decanting. So, who knows just where the journey will go from here...

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I do like your question - really - a lot

    I have put my nose and spend a bit into different nichettes and I have landed my parachute into one maker/house.

    I have within a year slowly bought only from this maker - and I must say I do spend much much less !!! I dont buy by impulse anymore but I buy quality and use everything "with respect" a big saving compared with supermarket shampoos that are used within a week "because it is cheap so I use more" same for all other products
    I might have bought the after shave balm at £ 32.00 a bottle - this should last me a year if no more !!!

    I think a fragrance and you is a relationship - I think if the fragrance is right - the perfumer physlosophy is right -the quality tops - the whole range of products affordable (or used with care because of the price) - beeing faithfull to this perfumer/soap maker..... is a relationship and I think we are coming back to this older way of thinking.

    You will get the new samples - catalogue etc..... and will know you will get quality and service.

    But the most important I think - every morning the shampoo - the shave - the after shave - the edt etc....
    If you dont feel that this scent could have been made for you - you might just getting ideas from glossy pages - not from your nose - skin or hair

    It is a bit of a jungle nowadays THE CHOICE FOR GUYS !!! - the philosophy has become the first step and most important - then choosing within the ranges second.

    for my part finding the right place - right phylosphy - right product and quality is not an easy task but once it is found - using the products is a pleasure everyday.

    And to finnish - some will hate me for this - some people do like the celebrity path or commercial choices.

    But let's be honnest why would you want to get the new CK ( or other famous designer brand) - CK is not a Classic product anymore but commercial DUPLICATED by the trillions.

    In 2007 expensive - middle or the range or well priced CLASSIC products are available for us guys - most of them are Niche with private stores/web sites shopping not "the mall".

    Fiding the right door is just a question of time !!

    A good exemple of great quality niche withtout breaking the bank Cassey or Crabtree and Evelyn - two great exemples of heritage with the good old shaving creams that do make a great come back !!!
    And what is great - you are sure to find it on the shelves in the next 10 years or more !!

    It has never been so masculin to be a man in 2007 and we do take care of our skins - hair and apperance more than ever - funny how neat those actors did look in these classic black and white movies ....................things might have not changed that much ??

    I have enjoyed writting this TwoRoads and take care

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    Thumbs up Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    Quote Originally Posted by laurent View Post
    I have enjoyed writting this TwoRoads and take care
    Thank you laurent!

    I have learned a lot from this topic and I appreciate the thought and effort that you and everyone else put into their responses.

    It makes me proud to be part of a group of people who take the study and philosophy of fragrances seriously but, at the same time, don't take themselves so seriously that we can't be lighthearted. We all seem to enjoy each other's posts and encourage each other along our individual paths!

    Take care as well!

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Where you started - where you are now - and where you are going

    I believe I fell in love with cologne when I smelled it on my GrandDaddy. OMG!! He would take a bath in it. My Moms would always get him either Brut or Old Spice. She would never buy him the expensive stuff cause he would use it up in one wearing LOL!! She would always fuss with him and tell him not to take a bath in it. And Lord could you smell him coming and going LOL! That's how I knew he was near though. Those scents bring back wonderful memories of me and my GrandDaddy going to church and sitting at the counter eating chicken and rice.

    My Moms wore Estee Lauder scents like Cinnabar, Beautiful, and Pleasures. The 1st perfume I ever wanted was Loves Baby Soft. My Moms would get me Avon stuff to keep me out of hers, but I would still sneak and use hers anyway. My 1st department store frag was Ciara. Honey, I thought I was doin somethin when I got my Ciara LOL.

    Right now, perfume is my escape. I love perfume. I was so glad that I found BN because now I can talk with people who love perfume like I do. I have learned alot about perfume in the last few years since I've moved to MD. We didn't have too much in NC. My perfume wearing is down to a science now. It's so serious.

    I see myself getting over my fear of flying and going to Paris. I want to take a tour of some perfume houses and learn how they make perfume. I want to go try on everything there is and smell to high heaven. I always tell people that when I die, I'm gonna die happy. I'll likely die in Chipotle with a can of Coca Cola and some Smoothie Skittles in my pocket. They'll come to pick my body up and be like, "Damn she smell good!" I betcha I'll be chillin in my coffin smelling good as a mug LOL! They'll come by and be like, "Damn she dead and she still smell good!"
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

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    I smells goooooooooooood! Don't believe me? Come smell me!!

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