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    Default Re: Prada Ambre for Men

    I went through one bottle last year and am slowly going off of it now with the second bottle. Yeah that barbershoppy smell presents itself to me and I am not feeling it.


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    Default Re: Prada Ambre for Men

    So far for me, Prada is an office only scent. Just not enough character for my free time.

    It's clean and professional, just like my suits and ties!
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    Default Re: Prada Ambre for Men

    I like Prada alot, but I can only wear it once a month or so. Not sure why. If I had to wear it two days in a row, I might not care for it as much. Hmmm...kind of strange I know.

    I agree that it fits nicely with spiffy business attire or sporty weekend duds. I would never wear with jeans and a t-shirt; that is when I reach for Rive Gauche Pour Homme.

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    Default Re: Prada Ambre for Men

    Quote Originally Posted by Quixotiq View Post
    This one gets a "straight-up" ZERO from me.
    I agree. This one's just horrible. Like some old Designer Impostor version of White Diamonds in the clearance aisle at Walmart. I refuse to believe this was intended for men. bigtime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    The more I wear it, the more I smell a soft creamy orange accord. Must be the mandarin and bergamot. Well, that's how it smells sprayed on clothes anyways. On the skin, it transforms into an entirely different scent. It gets a tiny bit spicy and incensey. I consider it two scents really, the skin scent and the clothing scent. I love them both, for different reasons.

    9.5/10 for me. I literally can't stop wearing this. It's so comforting and calming.
    First time wearing this in a while (well, not since the post I'm quoting, but first time in a month or two) and I must say my thoughts on this frag have changed quite a bit. I still like it quite a bit, but wish it had more of an evolution and a bit more depth to the myrrh, and a bit less sweetness. I'd rank it 8/10 nowadays.
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