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    Default Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    I spent some time today at the huge Douglass perfumery chain flagship store in Frankfurt, finally smelling, among other things, the four Hugh Parsons fragrances. Yes, four:

    Traditional (blue)
    Hugh Parsons Yellow Edition
    99 Regent Street
    Old England

    I have no idea who actually owns this license or where this stuff is actually conceived, beyond the British name/image. They don't even seem to have a website. Trumper's this is not, a good deal more modern and metro, though with a nod to the English tradition.

    Blue I didn't care for, smelled too much of a generic fresh modern fragrance / shower gel / foam bath. Regent Street felt like MI from a British perspective, not my cup of tea really with those aquatic top notes. Yellow was more like it, a pleasant aromatic citrus, and perfume reactionary that I sometimes am, my favorite was "Old England," which is a very strong and persistent clean lemon scent. Not a must, those last two, if you own AdP, GFT, Crown Imperial and Monsieur Balmain, but very nice.

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    Default Re: Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    I swapped samples with another BN'er for the "yellow" and "blue", I liked the yellow more like you. Very similar to ADP Colonia.

    The company's website whose line it is can be found here:

    I am still wanting to try "99" due to the Creed similarities.
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    Default Re: Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    Thanks for the link, too bad they don't give notes

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    Default Re: Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    Matty, my check is going to be here very soon and I think the good life's description of 99 Regent street has pushed me over the edge! Sounds like the cat's pajamas!

    I'll get a sample to you when the time comes.

    Now we have to try the Old England!
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    Default Re: Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    i love the blue one....but has that "typical" drydown
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    Default Re: Parsons, old chap, is that you?

    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelmilk View Post
    i love the blue one....but has that "typical" drydown

    Typical drydown? I don't know, I think the drydown is the best part of this, and makes it all very worthwhile.

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