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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    Chanel Pour Monsieur.

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    I can't help. Today I tried again F by Ferragamo, and it smells very-very good. I don't know the original, maybe it's better (FiFi award), but in itself this one is fresh, invigorating and clever.

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    Like Griff, Casran by Chopard. Deep, beautiful, timeless and does not get its due, except for those who know it.

    Also....drum roll, please...One Man Show! Dirt cheap, breathtakingly beautiful and a classic example of how patchouli, in the right dose, can be compelling.

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    Smile Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    Had a bottle of Paul Sebastian in 1980 and loved the stuff. Just didn't get a new bottle until a few months ago. It is great just like I remembered it. Tried to do the same thing with halston 1-12 and paco rabanne and those two just didn't work for me as well as the Paul Sebastian.

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    Chanel Allure Sport.

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    This one: Gris Clair ! Just recently traded for it and I can't stop wearing it. I even sniff my forearms while I'm Bass fishing. It's just damngood!

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    ** Kouros ** .... almost 25yrs on and still amazing !

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    Default Re: Damn that smell;s good !!!

    Polo (original/green bottle).

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