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Thread: Nasomatto Duro

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    Default Nasomatto Duro

    The nose behind the Nasomatto scents (the name means "Crazy Nose" in Italian) won't disclose the notes in his compositions. He says you either like them or you don't. Period, full stop. They have the collection at Barneys, where I first saw it.

    I tried one called Absinth and wrote about it a bit ago, saying I didn't think it lasted very long on my skin. Today, however, I tried one called Duro, which really reminded me of MPG Parfum d'Habit. This one really lasts. They have testers only at this point, but no stock in yet. "Soon" is the universal response to the question "When?"

    I think they are all EdPs, and the price, I seem to recall from my firrst visit is like $150 USD for 30 ml./1 oz. It's a bit steep, but might be worth it for a really good scent that hangs on for a long time.

    Anybody else seen or tried these?
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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro

    Yes, the bottles are gorgeous, and Duro is the one that stood out for me too. Here's a thread that never got off the ground: Nasomatto
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    Default Re: Nasomatto Duro

    I tried these this weekend at Barneys in Dallas.

    My favorites were Hindu Grass and Absinthe. Very nice indeed.
    Duro reminded me of Vetiver 46, CDG 2 Man, Bois d'Orage....very nice but not very original to my nose.

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