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    Default Donna Karan New York

    Yes, yes, yes-the original! Just wondering what you gals thought about this one. Sure it's got it's fans, but I really want the nitty gritty on how it is. I kinda/sorta blind ordered a bottle of it cause I just love Donna Karan too much not too. So please ladies, enlighten me...

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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    Short answer: An elegant, original suede / lily / musk dominated sophisticated blend akin to Daim Blond (not nearly as honeyed / sweet) and Ava Luxe Film Noir (less leathery and a smoother blend). Although ostensibly 'feminine' due to the sleek white florals (lily, etc) - it is in reality quite an unconventional, genderless scent. I love this!
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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    Can't provide an opinion on plain Dona Karan, but I like Black Cashmere.

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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    I had a bottle and it was extremely beautiful but because it was such a heavy scent it was rarely in my rotation. I sold it last month because of my new rule "Not wearing it? Sell it!!"

    It has an incense note that runs through it that makes it very wearable for a man. I think you'll smell HOT

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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    I have a bottle of this i bought a few months ago. New York is a straight up leather/suede scent. Very smooth and awesome. You are going to love it. Post an update when you receive it.

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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    I sorta just bought it blind too. I absolutely adore almost everything Donna used to (note the past tense) do, so I have a feeling I'm gonna love this one too. Although I'm sure I've smelled it somewhere along the way. Nice to know I'm in good company!
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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    Rich elegant lilies and suede, grown up. The body cream and lotion are also gorgeous too.

    One complaint I hate the bottle. The weird beak spray is nearly impossible to get the hang of. The top bit is rubber and for some reason I always manage to spray everywhere appart from where I am aiming.

    For some reason this has very limited distribution.

    oh and by the way the proper name is Donna Karan Signature. I had my wrist slapped by the sa for calling in Donna Karan New York!!!

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    Default Re: Donna Karan New York

    Well I got my bottle in yesterday and I have to say that I am in love. I sprayed a bit on last night and I kept on thinking that I had smelled it somewhere before. It took me a while but finally I realized that is smells very strikingly similar to Richard James Saville Row. I think that if any ladies out there like DK "Signature", then they should try Saville Row. DK lasts alot longer though!!!

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