It is supposed to be discontinued, e.g. is selling 4oz of MC pre-shave lotion splash for $250.

Is this a 'safe' blind buy esp. if I adore Patou PH?

according to a fellow basenoter wicozani "After 30 minutes Patou PH and Monsieur Carven are definitely converging, becoming almost one. Monsieur Carven is clearly the most similar to Patou PH from among the six possibilities here. This similarity will persist now all the way to the end, some 6-8 hours later. They are virtually dead ringers, as I’d suspected they might..."

I found an ebay seller from Germany who sells MC for a fraction of the above price, (240ml EDT for about £34).

Has it been re-introduced or perhaps it could be a fake/imitation? Anyone owns MC EDT and can confirm it looks like the genuine juice/bottle?