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Thread: My prediction.

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    Default My prediction.

    Hollister recently removed Drift cologne from its shelves. You can see, now, that the price on ebay is going up, and will likely escalate to that of the unisex cologne(in the hundreds right now). Did anybody take advantage of this?

    Also, to me Drift smells exactly like AdG. Probably a ripoff, no surprise. Well, the new Hollister perfume for women smells exactly like Gucci Envy for women. The EDT. :roll:

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    I actually had the Unisex one (that they used to use as the store scent) and used up the whole bottle, but wouldn't have repurchased it.. it had really poor longevity on me. Glad I at least tried before it was discontinued though!
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!

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    Whats your next prediction?
    This time i wont make any mistake


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