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    Default Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I saw this on Sephora's website in France. Looks lovely.

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    One of the best releases this year.
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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    A very well done scent from Lancome they even out did Miracle Homme.

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    Yeah, extremely underrated stuff. Maurice Roucel did a terrific job with this one- there's just so many element in it that contrast each other, yet work together and blend flawlessly. The subtle hint of mint plays with the star anise and lavender and makes a strikingly dynamic accord in the heart of the fragrance, while in the base a bit of patchouli and amber is contrasted against a clean musk.

    By far the best "mainstream" fragrance of 2007.

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    Lancôme - I don't know what got them into mainstraim. In the past few years they have done everything right. But I guess it's hard to regain the original status of a fine perfume house! None of their masculine colognes have gained popularity. Miracle is the only one that has gathered more than twenty reviews on BN - half of what it may need before a cologne can be considered widely accepted. Perhaps the rest of the world feels less snobbish about Lancôme.
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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I'm having an inner tug-of-war with whether I should own Hypnose Homme.

    I love the top and middle notes that smell to me like a strange Asian fruit that landed from Saturn in a spaceship. It's fruity...but it's fruit done right. It smells like no other fruit note in mens fragrances. In fact, it reminds me of sake. The Fresh line has a scent called Sake, and although it does smell like sake's floral and alcoholic aspect, HH could be described as the smell of sake boiled down to a syrup.

    I thought my boyfriend would love it, when I encountered a tester at Macy's the other day (when I went in to test Calvin Klein Man). He is not a fragrance junkie like me, he just likes what he likes. He smelled HH and turned his nose up at it...surprised me. 'You have so many other colognes at home that smell better than that he said'.

    Now, I am comfortable wearing scents that my partner doesn't approve of (can you say, 'Tar' by CdG) - but now I feel like I need to smell it for a third time before I take the plunge and get a bottle.
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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I think this starts out as your usual burnt cotton candy fragrance, but quickly reveals a dimension of freshness, but in a much smoother way than, say, ICE*Men. Unfortunately, the whole impression is "too tame". With this profile I think it's more of a warm weather evening/night frag, for cold weather there are more compelling things out there.

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    Hypnose smells good, but it needs more "oomph".
    Could have been so much better...
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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I sniffed it and came close to getting it for DH (in fact I got him the deodorant stick).... but I also know I'd be swiping the bottle a lot if I did. I have no recollection of what the women's smells like, it blurs with Ange Ou Demon in my head just due to the visuals and I didn't like AOD.

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    Smells just classy and clean, bording a little mainstream, (even it has a fab unknown note agreeing with mikeperez). I can see myself wearing this one when I go on 40-50's. It's kind a linear too, discreet but what the hell, smell very very nice, a proper gentle mature fragance.
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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I live a very sheltered life. LOL
    What does "DH" mean?

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    Quote Originally Posted by gregmech26 View Post
    I live a very sheltered life. LOL
    What does "DH" mean?

    Dear Husband.
    Are you not entertained??? Is this not why you are here??

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    Default Re: Lancme Hypnse Homme

    I think this is one of the best releases along with Rogriguez.

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