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    does anyone know anything about oriscent? they specialize in agarwood oils? there's a lot of counterfeit agarwood products out there, but they seem like they might be legitimate. if anyone knows anything about them I'd be interested to know. thanks.

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    They are the real deal. I own 9 of their oud oils and a bottle of their Ambergris. I have smelled a few "pure" agarwood oils that are sold on Ebay and they don't even come close to the quality of Oriscent. They are in a class all their own. If i'm not mistaken, they offer doulble your money back if you find anything other than oud in their oils.

    I think people who say they don't like oud after trying M7, the Montales or other oud oils should give Oriscent a try. I bet they just might change their minds.

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    Oriscent is certainly the real deal. I have owned several of their 'ouds and know the owner personally. Great guy and a wonderful product. Like ajmc noted, their offerings are super-high quality and if you are looking for 'oud, they are definitely the place to go. Real agarwood oil might be a bit of a surprise for some, especially if only exposed to M7 and Montale, the latter two mixing their 'oud with other woods and notes.

    Their prices are high, but in the end you really do get what you pay for.

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    selling oud royale

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    Quote Originally Posted by illmOnk View Post
    selling oud royale
    Whom ? You ? Where about ?

    Oriscent has an excellent reputation amongst French friends as well. They are just very expensive.

    If I had to get one, a warm sensual one, which one should it be ?
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