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    Default Aigner Black - now I understand!

    Today I was finally able to get my little hands on a large bottle of this fragrance. Yes it was everything I hoped it would be and a bag of chip.

    Sublime...Amazing... paradisiacal

    It contains those warm smooth notes of Black Code with out the sweetness that scent contains. In addition the scent has great lasting powers. Iíve always noticed that German scents always have the lasting/sillage appeal.

    I can see how this flanker scent was very successful for Aigner Parfums much more then Aigner In Leather.

    Next on my list is Aigner Black Ice Drops.

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    Default Re: Aigner Black - now I understand!

    Is this listed in the directory? If so...where?

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    Default Re: Aigner Black - now I understand!

    I love Aigner Black. I bought it in May 2006. I was weighing my decision between Black and In Leather, and finally chose Black since it projects more. It is very long lasting. I feel like owning Harley Davidson when I wear it.

    I have also tried Icedrops but don't think I'd buy it. What do you think about it? I tried it on a card. I should have tried it on my wrist.
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    Default Re: Aigner Black - now I understand!

    Quote Originally Posted by paintrman View Post
    Is this listed in the directory? If so...where?
    In the Directory, choose Etienne Aigner in the pulldown list. Once tyou get all the scents by Aigner, it's Black for Men.
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    Default Re: Aigner Black - now I understand!

    I totally love Aigner Black.. but I dig the Aigner Black for women more.. it's just more darker.. and yep, I own both

    I also own Aigner Black Icedrops.. love it too.. can't elaborate on the notes tho, i'm still a n00b at that :\

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