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    Default S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Hello Basenoters,

    I am here to ask for your suggestions on books that deal with problems/issues in perfumery, either at the national or global level. Topics may include perfume productionís impact on the environment, intellectual property rights on scents, disputes between states and foreign companies over the right to harvest raw materials, trade and tax issues, interesting historical developments in perfumery, etc. Anything along the lines of social, political, or economical dilemmas (past or current) related to the perfume industry would be excellent.
    I am a junior in college, and I would like to start thinking about research topics for a term paper that will eventually expand into my senior thesis. Perfumery has nothing to do with my major, International Studies, but in order for me to come up with 60 pages of original bullsh**, I need to somehow weave in my love of perfume to motivate me.
    Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,


    PS: I did a BN forum search for books, but none I came across seemed to address the social, political, econ., aspects of the perfume business, except maybe Nigel Groomís books, which I will go look for.

    PPS: I really wanted to post this under Male Fragrance Discussion, but alas, my thread is unrelated.

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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    First off: Your school's library is your friend, especially since you go to a large school. Use the online card catalogs and databases that are freely available to students like you. I can assure you that there are an absolute ton of resources lurking underneath your nose... go ahead and try it!

    At the same time, there was one interesting case in intellectual property rights in fragrances. It was a French case, and I think that it was named Thierry Mugler Parfums vs. Molinard. It was over Molinard's Nirmala perfume, where Mugler claimed that Nirmala was an identical carbon-copy of Thierry Mugler's Angel. Thierry Mugler won the case, and Molinard had to reformulate Nirmala. If you have access to LexisNexis via your university's library (many schools do), you might try to look it up.

    You might also want to take a look at this thread right here on Basenotes. It also relates to Angel, and how one group wants to ban the perfume in the United States due to the use of a certain ingredient.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Seems something made for my good ole buddy Marcello... Check out his profile and see his website... tons of book references on perfumery there

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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Here's Marcello's website:
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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Perfume ingredients that are hazardous could be an angle. In the US, some workplaces are banning fragrances completely without making discriminations between what is dangerous to your health and what isn't. I think some countries are also banning some ingredients, you'll have to do your own research but there is plenty of info on Google that you might not find in your school library.

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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Hi Stephanie,

    well, I guess my fellow Basenoters already gave you the link to my site. You'll find a long list of books in the Library section, so have a look. But I think the Press Archive will be more useful for your project. It contains the titles of magazine and newspaper articles, sorted by date. The older ones actually report on some of the issues you mentioned (the impact of WWII on the perfume industry, for instance). They're not scientific papers, but they can be very useful in the preliminary stage of your research. If you need a copy of any article listed in the Press Archive, send me a PM.

    I also have close to 500 public bookmarks related to olfaction and perfumery, you might find some inspiration there too: All entries are tagged, so you can browse through them quickly.

    I wrote many book reviews for Now Smell This. I don't think they'll be terribly useful to you, but here's the index page anyway: Now Smell This Book Archive. Good luck, and if you have any questions, let me know.

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    Default Re: S.O.S- Thesis on Perfume Industry

    Thank you all so much. This is why I love Basenotes. MFfan310, you're right, I am sure my school's libraries have something to offer, I think I just need to tweak my search queries. Marcello, I am going to be trawling through your website this weekend. I'll let you know if any of the titles sound appropriate for my research. Dankyuwell.

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