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    Smile Tiffany Sport Cologne

    AWWWWWWWWWW ..thii scent reminds me of 2002 in los birthday September 27...i received it as a gift and i loved it...but i can no longer wear it cuz it remeinds me of my jerk ex...anyway i love smells so fresh and clean ..easily could have been my sig scent..what do you guys think,,? is it me or has tiffany been raising the prices on their fragrances hahahahah.anyway i love it..marine..a litte woody..very classy

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    Smile Re: Tiffany Sport Cologne

    Where did you purchase? About a month ago I purchased Tiffany For Men,at Tiffany's in Oak Brook IL. I paid 75.00 for 100ML. The 50ML was 50.00. I have been wearing TFM for a number of year's now' and is in my top 10 for sure! I find the Sport edition Lack's the depth, and richness. This fragrance is made by Chanel for Tiffany's, if I'm not mistaken.

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