I just heard about this upcoming fragrance bottle exhibition in the department store Peter Jones in London. The details I received are below. Please note that I am NOT affiliated with Peter Jones at all, i'm just passing on some details. Admins, please delete this post if it contravenes any of the board rules.....

To commemorate the ultimate cosmetic artefact that has stood the test of time, Peter Jones, Sloane Square has created a unique and exciting free exhibition to celebrate the perfume bottle and its passage through history.
The 'Essence of Scents' Fragrance Bottle Retrospective will run from 22 – 24 November 2007 for shoppers to visit free of charge and will feature vintage classics and contemporary bottles from pivotal celebrated names in the cosmetic industry including Clarins, Lancôme, Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake. Judy Faraday, John Lewis Archivist from the distinguished and established John Lewis Archives will curate the exhibition.
This retrospective will be an unforgettable experience to provide the ideal escapism from the winter weather. Through this thoughtful display, the exhibition will highlight the distinctiveness of perfume bottles that for centuries has been exchanged as a token of love. The striking designs and styles are as evocative as the scents within and encapsulate those special moments in time. Whether you're an art lover or a fragrance aficionado, these bottles will transport you through the decades with their aesthetic beauty and unique individual designs.
David Brittain, Premium Beauty Buyer for John Lewis, explains, 'The 'Essence of Scents' will highlight the craftsmanship and inspirational designs of perfume bottles. Viewed within their cultural context, the bottles are intriguing and fascinating illustrations of the historical and social background in which they were designed and created."
With its eclectic mix of exquisite bottles and stunning flower arrangements, Peter Jones' 'Essence of Scents' Fragrance Bottle Retrospective will be the visit of choice for fragrance aficionados to indulge their scent obsession – whilst gathering a little inspiration for Christmas gifting or perhaps just topping up on a little self-treating.