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    In a recent thread on fragrances that feature basil, Basenoter beachroses mentioned the Pangea Organics line of bodycare products, which are produced in a variety of scents including basil and mint. Having noticed this line in a local shop recently, I promised to check them out, and I posted my first impressions in the original thread.

    As I mentioned there, I ended up buying a bottle of the Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary body lotion. Now, my impressions of it have evolved to the point where I feel like clarifying a few points. While the fragrance in the lotion is weaker than that of most colognes, it's quite nice and persists, close to the skin, for several hours. Consequently, it's not really a good choice for someone who wants to minimize potential conflicts between their SOTD and other products they use/wear. But I've been able to wear it at night and still try out fragrance samples on my wrists and the back of my hands.

    Aside from its fragrance (which reminds me of wet, fresh ginger as much as lemongrass and rosemary), the body lotion I bought has a lovely silken texture, thin enough to be "pourable." It absorbs into skin completely without any greasy or heavy feeling.

    There are several other products in the line -- face cream and toner, body wash, lip balm, bar soap, and probably others. Some products (but not the body lotion, which is unboxed) are packaged in biodegradable boxes laced with seeds, so you can plant them in soil and grow some of the herbs and other botanicals that Pangea uses in its products. Kind of a gimmick, but it gives you an idea of the spirit of the brand.

    In short, they have my respect if not my devotion. I might buy again, especially if I find things on sale.
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