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    Default question about online buying

    hi all, i am new here at basenotes and had a question about buying fragrances online... i'm wanting to get a bottle of etro's heliotrope, but in the boutique it retails for 90 dollars... online i can find it for $50. i'm nervous though about buying online... what if the product has been tampered with, what if it's old stock, etc. the worst would be ordering a perfume that had turned/spoiled already! any thoughts or advice??

    thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: question about online buying

    Welcome on board!
    My advice is to buy from a seller that you see recommended around the boards.
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    Default Re: question about online buying

    Hello and welcome to basenotes!!

    Buying online is tricky. If you have a site in mind then talk to the people here and see if they have had any good or bad experiences with the site you are using. I have purchased major bottles online and have had success after researching it a little bit. Etro is a little more expensive than the average bottle but sometimes the deals you can find online are worth it. I've found stuff that almost seemed impossible to find for the prices they were listed under but they came out perfectly fine.

    This is a link to another part of the community and there are some sections about online shopping. Check with the people in there and see what they say about your site.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: question about online buying

    thanks so much!! i'll follow the link...

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    Default Re: question about online buying

    If you need it shipped internationally, take into account the shipping costs and whether the seller you found will even do it. It can amount to more than the price of the bottle at some places. I'm not sure where all they ship or where you want it sent, but you can try, they have it listed for $50. There's a coupon code (and link to more) listed in the discount section of the board for additional % off, I just stuck it on there, plus they are having a three day sale. In general, you should return any fragrance that isn't any good, but I had that happen with one that came to the US from Australia, an Ebay seller expected me to pay to ship it back and wouldn't budge, so I tossed it. A legitimate store will pay for return postage or just credit you. Good luck!
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