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    I'm looking for a nice dark vanilla for the end of autumn and the coming winter. The only caveat is that I want to say away from spices, so popular choices like Opium EDP are out for me. It seems like tobacco vanille might be something to try, other than that I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Guerlain's Habit Rouge comes to mind.

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    Tobacco Vanille is very sweet, and might not be 'dark' enough...
    Dry and 'smoky' would include Tihota [ very expensive] and SMN's Vaniglia- but I don't consider them dark.

    AL's Dark Amber is actually a very dark vanillic scent.

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    I think that Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille has that kind of wintery darkness. But my all-time dark vanilla-favorite is Shalimar (but only preformulated cologne or perfume concentrations, not EDT or EDP, they are too sharp, perfumey and not-as-dark).

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    Aomassai by Parfumerie Generale

    You have to like a burnt sugar accord to like this scent (I do), but this fragrances vanilla is nice and dark.
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    The darkest vanillas I know are from Ava-Luxe: Turkish Vanilla, Royal Vanilla. That source, however, is now defunct.

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    I'd suggest Bvlgari Black. Smokey, rubbery vanilla. It's easy to find and not very expensive. One of my favorites!
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    What about Guerlain Héritage? The patchouli in this makes the vanilla very dark indeed!
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