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Thread: Am I Crazy?

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    The Sun,is shinning it's a cool fall day,and I am off today. I am sitting here thinking of all the thing,s I could be doing, and what am I doing? I,m waiting for a package from Fed Ex sent by Lucky Scent! Am I CRAZY?

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    Wait till you start examining the patterns of when ths mailman arrives different days of the week.

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    Or till you start planning to work from home the days you are quite sure the mailman has a scented treasure for you.

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    It takes me an hour to get to work...the mail lady comes between 12:30-1:00...I'll leave work at 11:30 to go back home to wait for her...then come back to work again, only to leave an hour later.

    Totally worth it.

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    Today is wednesday. So there was a chance of the postman coming on monday or tuesday and not finding you at home. I would wait each and every day of the week.
    Never do it again.

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