I just got back from what was (mostly) a fun sniffing experience with Ally, my cute little hairstylist. She had commented on my Gendarme, and we started chatting fragrances. She said that she really wanted to buy some perfume, but didn't know what she wanted. The first thing I asked was "How much do you want to spend?"... "Because if you want to spend $100 or so, you can get something waaay better than something you'd find in a department store" She said that she did, in fact want to spend about $100, so I went into action.

I just received a huge sample package from an exceedingly generous basenoter, many of which were more feminine scents. There was all kinds of stuff from Luten's, L'Artisan, Montale, and many other great houses. So I offered to bring them to her work, so she could take a quick break and do some sniffing! Her boss was cool with it, so I went back about a half hour later, armed with about 20 of my favorite unisex/feminine fragrance samples.

We had a good time talking about them and sniffing, and she found about half a dozen of them to her liking. Most notably: L'Artisan Fleurs d'Oranger, Un Lys, Mandarine Mandarin, Bond Park Avenue, Eau de New York, and Acqua di Parma Mandorlo di Sicilia. She said that most of what she was smelling smelled very "refined", "mature", "pure", and many of them reminded her of things from her childhood that she couldn't really put her finger on (one of the most important factors to me in a fragrance is nostalgia).

I wrote down the ones she liked and gave her my phone number, even though she has a boyfriend and is a bit too young for me anyway. It was fun, and I think she appreciated it quite a bit.

The only bad thing, was that the very first sample vial she opened, she dumped completely out. And not only was this incredibly traumatic to begin with, but when I saw that it was the Montale Velvet Flowers, (which is in my top 3 favorites of that whole bunch) I almost lost my mind. Some price to pay for trying to be nice to someone! (Can anyone help me with another Velvet Flowers sample ?!) She felt so bad, and probably apologized about 8 times, especially when we she realized that I had JUST told her how much I liked it and how rare and expensive it was.

Oh well

It was fun anyway. I just love fragrances!