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    Default My old friends...

    Some of the members (ie. timberwolf, magnifiscent, ipaidforthisname et al.) changed my life when I first joined basenotes several years ago. I remember the late night java chatroom with various people as well. Unfortunately, my memory stinks and I can only remember a few screen names from the past. But does anyone remember interacting with me?

    Does anyone have current contact information for: liquid? I tried sending them PMs to no avail.

    And there was a member who became my friend (I'm sorry I don't remember your name!) from Canada who sent me free decants of Musc Ravageur and Santal Noble. He was an avid poster, does anyone know who he might be? Thanks! [edit] I remember now... he's HackerX!

    - Alex
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    Default Re: My old friends...

    Hi Alex.
    We first met on MUA I think.
    At some point you decided to swap within the US only.
    Where are you located now?
    Just read your Wanted list.

    Ce message provient du Québec!

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