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    Default Wardrobe staples

    What general types of fragrances do you think a young woman should have?

    Do you buy into the whole classic "day" and "night" fragrances? Or do you suggest going by your mood?
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    Default Re: Wardrobe staples

    I would say go by your mood. I don't really distinguish scents by night or day that much in the winter. In the summer, sometimes the 'night' scents, which are generally heavier or thicker, would seem too much. However, I do wear 'night' time heavy oriental scents during the day in the summer, but just spray lightly. In the winter, when it is colder, I can wear anything, anytime.

    However, some fragrances have an extra sophistication to them where it seems out of place during the day. Some just have that extra classiness that seems too good to wear during the day for just simple errands.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe staples

    i can't offer much insight on what a young women should wear, as i only fulfill one of those categories personally (guess which :P) but i find i organise my collection of fragrance three ways:

    seasonal (cool weather/warm weather)

    ultimately, seeing as i wear scent for myself, i'll wear whatever i want whenever i want to wear it, but it's very easy to see how a certain smell can complement a certain activity, time of day or season. just like we use several factors to determine how we dress, i suppose.
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    When you ask me,your asking a non conformist, I will wear what ever I'm in the mood for when ever I'm in the mood for it. In the dead of a Midwest winter I have worn Eau d'Hadrien, and one day last August I wore Ambre Sultan. I set my own standard's when it come's to fragrance's.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe staples

    Amen to that Ron199!

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    Default Re: Wardrobe staples

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron199 View Post
    When you ask me,your asking a non conformist, I will wear what ever I'm in the mood for when ever I'm in the mood for it. In the dead of a Midwest winter I have worn Eau d'Hadrien, and one day last August I wore Ambre Sultan. I set my own standard's when it come's to fragrance's.

    I think that starting off in the mindset that there are certain scents that just belong in a woman's wardrobe is going to set you up for a lot of pointless money spending and conformist thinking. I really would build our own wardrobe however you want just as Ron199 said. This way, you'll find your own tastes that really difine you. Have fun with it!! Good luck!

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    I think first and formost that I would agree with most here when I say wear what pleases you, whenever it pleases you. Don't wear something just because it is a particular season or time of day. Be forever whimsical. It is more fun that way.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe staples

    I agree to wearing what pleases you, when it pleases you. Sometimes, I'm in a mood and wear Blue Amber on a summer day with jeans and a white T-Shirt---but not usually.
    I have never worn kai in December with a chunky sweater and corduroys, and I never will. I will take a stand right here: it would be wrong.

    I notice the replies were from all men, and I think women's fragrance has a somewhat greater seasonality and day/evening split. You don't find too many men's fragrances that are fresh, transparent, green florals. I save them for summer, with the odd day of winter rebellion.

    At the same time, I don't think I wore Chinatown all summer. Something about the rich amber/vanillas can be choking when I have sweat trickling down between my shoulder blades. I don't tend to reach for incense fragrances in the summer heat--or in spring, either.

    IMO above the age of sixteen, age doesn't matter. I don't think I'd care to see a young girl wearing something really sexy, but what is "sexy" is a matter of opinion. To me, that would include most spicy, vanilla, patchouli, ambers.

    That said, I think a young woman should have a white musk, a vanilla, and a light fruity floral. I also think she could have anything else she wanted, but these would be a versatile trio. Perhaps now I've bumped up this thread, some of our other women will weigh in with their opinions!
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