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    Default Alamut

    It was sugested that I might consider Villoresi's Alamut as a winter scent. Im a 47 year old man, office setting.

    I wear in fall and winter the following: Lutens Fumerie Turque and Chergui.,

    Just sold a bottle of MPG Eau des Iles. Nice smoke, that coffee scent was a bit too sweet, and unlike the sweetness of the Chergui.

    I liked to wear Calvin Klein Obsession and Escada and also liked Piper Nigrum. I like colognes with staying power and dont mind that it projects a bit.

    I dont do vanilla or powdery.

    Is Alamut good on a man? Will it last? Is it powdery?

    What do you ladies think of Miller Harris Feiulles de Tabac? Or Piper Nigrum? Or suggest something else.


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    Default Re: Alamut

    Dear Sam ~ If you don't get any feedback from we women, it's not that we don't enjoy spouting our opinions. Apparently no one yet has enough experience with Alamut to opine.

    The notes look do-able for a man: Osmanthus, rose, jasmin, rosewood and exotic flowers; narcissus, tuberose, ylang ylang, orange blossoms, labdanum and amber notes; amber, musk, amyris, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin, leather and powdery notes. Can't imagine the powdery notes could overwhelm the rosewood, labdanum, amber, musk, sandalwood, patch, benzoin, and leather.

    Why not get a sample from ThePerfumedCourt?
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    Default Re: Alamut

    No problems with that. Figured that maybe someone might have sampled it.

    I sold my MPG Eau des Iles, dont think Ill regret it, but wanted something different. I have Fumerie Turque and Chergui and Eau des Iles came in a distant third. Thinking about a Villoresi (Piper or Spezie or something) or Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac. I do mind something that is semi-similar to the two Lutens I have, but some things dry to a powder and I dont do well with vetiver, powders, vanilla, or Voluer de Roses

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    Default Re: Alamut

    If you're in the USA I'll send you a free sample. PM me.
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    Default Re: Alamut

    LV Alamut was Sample A in our blind testing for "Orienteering in the Orient" round. My first thought of it was that it was a Guerlain: classy, none of the notes really stick out, very smooth, even subdued at times, with a nice balance of spicy, creamy and powdery notes. I can imagine it on a man. The closest match, I think, is Guerlain Samsara EdP on clothes three days after you had sprayed it.
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