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    Default "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I am just getting into perfume so am new to a lot of this, so sorry if it has been asked before.
    I was idly browsing on eBay over the last few weeks and I see that there are various sellers, often with shops that sell all sorts of stuff(not just perfume) who may have a vintage bottle of a discontinued perfume (Lanvin, some Sortilege, maybe) also old bottles of perfumes that are still made and available new-some of the Carons, for example.
    I am sorely tempted to bid for some, as so far all the samples I have tried and loved have been of expensive stuff and I can't afford to keep buying everything I really like in a full bottle!
    Presumably these eBayers pick perfume up at a house clearanceor something similar, and sometimes they are even still sealed in cellophane and have not been opened.
    You can't tell how old the stuff is or how it has been stored. But if the box looks in good condition is it worth buying???
    I guess at the end of the day you punt your money and hope for something beautiful in the bottle and don't worry too much if it is awful - assuming you have not spent a fortune.
    Has anyone done this and got something worth wearing for a good price?
    Or is it a way to get ripped off?
    Note to self:never by a full bottle of anything I have not smelled first.

    (Just tried a sample of Caron's Narcisse Noir and had to wash it off. Imagine buying a bottle of something and finding you hated it.)
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    It can be hit and miss to be honest.

    There has been a number of sellers appearing on ebay with shops selling fakes. They buy up the empty bottles and fill with who knows what.

    so first thing is always look at the packaging very carefully.
    Ask lots of questions.
    Read the feedback.

    There is no guarantee if the box looks good the bottle inside with pefect. Even if unopened a fragrance can explode. That means evaporate.

    Bottle collectors are willing to push up prices just for the bottle with no real interest in the juice.

    A favourite term used by sellers is rare. Always take this with a pinch of salt, as many fragrances are widely available.

    Saying that I have bought a bottle of Caron Infini extract from 1970 for £12. There was a slight chip in the topper and the seller stated this, so no doubt put off the bottle collectors.
    The fragrance is totally gorgeous.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I agree with 'hit or miss' -- I got an almost full bottle of vintage L'interdit parfum some years ago for under $10 because the seller didn't know what s/he had; I've also gotten 'vintage' minis that were c**p. My rule of thumb is that I never pay very much for something on ebay because it's a bit like playing the slots. I enjoy the fun of it and the thrill of hitting the jackpot, but keep expectations low.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Last Summer I got very lucky and was able to get a lot of vintage bottles for a reasonable price as they were mini bottles and it was before the prices got inflated in the Fall. I look at the seller rating, feedback, and never spend more than I would comfortably do so for a chance it may be a dud. My advice in bidding is always come up with an amount limit and stick to it. Let me tell you that I have let go some beautiful stuff because it went over my max price I am willing to spend considering it may have something wrong with it. Part of the whole ebay experience is becoming zen on losing bids, because I know I have been on the otherside and beat out others for some nice fumes.

    Since prices have become inflated for the vintage stuff I have stuck to getting more contemporary scents at reasonable "buy now" prices.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I have bought vintage fragrances from ebay shops, big sellers and small sellers; some of those do not focus on fragrances. Anyway, all my purchases have been in excellent condition. Maybe I've been lucky...

    One of my best buys was a 14 ml bottle of vintage Chanel No 19 parfum from the early 80's which was untouched in its sealed box since back then. It smells wonderful and cost me £15.00.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Recently I've been buying quite a bit of vintage stuff with great results. Old Guerlain edc's, Chanel and Arpege extraits, Opium, Replique, etc. A few have had top notes go off, but the hearts and bases are lovely and better than the current offerings (and so much cheaper). I'd be wary of spending a fortune on an older bottle. Some of the Guerlain and Chanel extraits go for hundreds or thousands of dollars/pounds.
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    With E-bay, the word is "caveat emptor". I never buy anything, perfume or otherwise, on E-bay - I'm not into gambling, even with low stakes. IMHO, anything that's on E-bay, you can find from a reputable vendor, often cheaper than you'd get it on E-bay.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I wouldn't even think of buying a splash bottle of anything unless the buyer could explain what the frag smelled like in a way that made sense, and I would avoid the expensive stuff. If he had a bunch of splash mini bottles, that would probably be okay, because he would likely have gotten them at auction or something. But any really expensive splash bottle would be something I'd avoid.
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I've been very lucky to date. As Doc Elly says, caveat emptor is the tagline for most fragrance purchases on the 'bay, not just vintage ones. Basically if any or (preferably) all/most of the following apply, then usually it's a safe buy:
    Good feedback, 98%+;
    One off sale and the seller is able to string a coherent sentence together;
    Photos of the item itself;
    The seller is not in Eastern Europe/Asia/Africa/another country way outside of your buying zone;
    The seller has a long history of selling fragrances only and has had little or no negative feedback (and any negative there is is only about postage or something);

    If some, most or all of those apply, then usually you can buy with some confidence. But even then, there's not guarantee.....

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    I just won a partially used EDT of Jaipur Saphir to add to my EDP. My max bid was 12.00, I got it for $8.00. I was willing to gamble up to that amount. Hopefully it paid off. I have bought fragrance from ebay before with good experience. But was very, very careful and it still involved a good deal of luck.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by donna255 View Post
    It can be hit and miss to be honest.
    In a nutshell

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    never had a sale go wrong except for one time in which the seller never shipped the item in question. all the others (30+) have been excellent. these have been from cheap penhaligon's to new DIA EDP 100ml and AdP in villa 180ml for well under half the regular price. Great deals can be had.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Pretty cool to see a thread begun in 2007 that has had a steady, many-years series of posts. No doubt, it's a good thread topic. I have not been able to find ANY bargains to date (since I began shopping in Feb.). Every seller seems to know how much his/her juice is worth, alas! I have unloaded two fragrances that I bought like the O.P. unsniffed and then found I disliked them. I guess we all did that at the outset? But for purchases not much: just my Jo Malone Orange Blossom 1.5 ml. samples X 10 and my nice bottle of Molinard's Vanille. What I am really seeking is an inexpensive Apres L'Ondee. (Not likely huh?)
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by Saintpaulia View Post
    Pretty cool to see a thread begun in 2007 that has had a steady, many-years series of posts. No doubt, it's a good thread topic. I have not been able to find ANY bargains to date (since I began shopping in Feb.).
    If you're looking for new-in-box condition, well-known fragrances it's going to be tough, but you may save a few dollars buying from the bigger sellers. But if the price is close to what I would pay LuckyScent, The Different Scent, or a vendor at The Swap Shop, I'd go with known suppliers.

    Aside from overstock occasionally hitting the grey market, the bargains lie with fragrances that are out-of-fashion, in unpopular sizes, gently but obviously used, or old enough that people are dying before they use up their bottle/collection. I've gotten bargain prices on Infusion D'Iris (6.8 oz testers had been dumped to resale) and Ma Griffe (the seller noted that no one could get the stopper back out) that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saintpaulia View Post
    What I am really seeking is an inexpensive Apres L'Ondee. (Not likely huh?)
    Not at the moment, no. But that tells you something that Basenotes reviews don't: It's not sitting on shelves until being remaindered, nor is it a fixture at estate auctions having been worn only on "special occasions", and so holding no memories in the owner's children's hearts.

    To the original question: "vintage" and "rare" are terms I usually ignore.

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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    yeah you rarely see any form of Apres L'Ondee on evil bay do you? What concentration are you looking for?
    Now if you are looking for used Shalimar, one could drown in the offerings there.

    I have bought a LOT of scents on ebay in the past 1.5 years and have very few regrets. I am doing the US economy a great service by keeping the Post Office in business. The few duds to my nose were still a learning experience, and are ususally something someone else likes or is looking for
    It all balances out, in my philosophy of life.
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    Hit and miss is right, although mostly it seems that people are pretty honest. Mostly I've had good results. A few disappointments.
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    Default Re: "OLD" or "vintage" perfumes on eBay-any good?

    The biggest problem I've encountered is that they describe the item incorrectly. For example, an EdT turns out to be the aftershave, and a 4 ounce bottle turns out to be a 2 ounce one. I got refunds, so it wasn't that bad, but it was a little disappointing.

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