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    I'd like to add in Cool Water...

    I know no one who wears Polo. I know nearly everyone who has worn a cologne, even myself has experimented with CW by Davidoff..
    I'm so fo sho' it's no facade/ Stay out of trouble momma said as momma sighed/ For her fear her youngest son be a victim of homicide/ But I gotta get you out of here momma.. Or I'm gonna die..Inside...So either eay you lose me momma/ So let loose of me!

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    Polo - original green

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    My apologies for dragging out this endless thread that really has no one right answer, but I would like to point out that as good and popular as Polo Green has been, it certainly did not play a huge role in my life. Over 20 years before its creation there were Acqua di Selva and Pino Silvestre. Both share many notes with Polo and were fairly widely available here in the early 70's--about 5 years before Polo. Neither one is as complex, but they're pretty closely related. Polo was created as an American response to the more sophisticated European fragrances that began reaching our shores in the sixties.
    Before Eau Sauvage came on the scene, men's fragrances were almost all marketed here as splash-on after shaves that, yes, might help you get some female attention.These include Old Spice, Yardley, Canoe and so on. There were also some basic colognes like 4711 and various bay rums. I don't mean to disparage any of these, but I really believe that Eau Sauvage really changed the playing field. It was presented as a real fragrance and the Dior name had incredible glamour. I believe that it really started changing the American man's view of fragrance and this eventually led to the explosion of the men's fragrance business throughout the world. So I vote for Eau Sauvage because of timing, marketing and undeniable quality. (Yeah, I know it's all pretty deniable and debatable.)

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    Pino Silvestre and Yardley's Lavender.

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    Eau Sauvage
    Old Spice

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